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  1. When someone equates homosexuality with criminal behavior, you will never be able to change their minds. The bias and bigotry is ingrained in their psychological fabric. The best we can do is educate those who have not yet been stained. Think back 100 years, we had the same issues with racism and misogyny. I think we've made great progress there. Hopefully in the next generation, it will be a thing of the past.
  2. I always thought preoccupation with other people's sexual practices, especially strangers, was somewhat deviant and bizarre.
  3. I call for every unit to play that video to their units, and have an open discussion on the Oath and Law. Scouters and scouts discussing it within their own ranks.
  4. There's only one video that needs to be sent to every unit and its already been produced. I think each unit should view it and discuss.
  5. Do you think those scouts and scouters in that video demonstrated scout spirit? Do they represent the ideals of the BSA? Are they the best delegates our councils have to offer at a national event? Upset, yeah. It takes a lot to offend me, but I find that very offensive. If you don't find it offensive, I wonder what character you are made of. What values you truly uphold. In light of this behavior, it would be appropriate for the BSA to develop a training video and demand every unit view it on the proper respect the BSA should demonstrate to their honorary leader, no matter polit
  6. Those comments on the website where something, weren't they? I don't think we've heard the last of this. That video is gonna make the rounds. But I wonder how FoxNews will spin it? They are running it aren't they? Haven't seen it on the lamestream media yet either. But they didn't cover the Obama/View/Jamboree hubbub either. Probably won't. Do you think the BSA should apologize to the President now, or wait until next Jamboree when they invite him to speak again?
  7. BadenP, What did you do when you stood amongst the unpatriotic, uniformed BSA members booing the President of the United States? Did you call them out? Did you ask them to stop? Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?
  8. Fascinating. The liberals 50 years ago were so powerful as to make the conservatives of today be such bad examples of polite citizenship. The BSA is doomed.
  9. Funny how FoxNews made a big deal about the president deciding to go on the View and not to the Jamboree, but made no mention of the disrespectful behavior of the Scouts and Scouters at the Jamboree towards the president. I guess you can call that "fair and balanced". Just think of the outrage had the president had a different letter after his name. You are right though. let this issue die. It doesn't reflect well on the BSA or its membership. Lets just accept that the BSA has become a political tool for indoctrination of future conservatives.
  10. Scouts and Scouters booing the President of the United States. We've come to this, have we? Where is the outrage?
  11. The president didn't speak at this week's Oshkosh AirVenture (this year's theme, Tribute to Veterans) either. He must not only despise the BSA, but the EAA and everything aviation. What a slap in the face to our veterans.
  12. Oh, I have no doubt our scouts would show the utmost respect and enthusiasm to be addressed by their president. I hope it happens. But in the off chance that some on the fringe did display unacceptable behavior, I'm confident that FoxNews would edit it out so as to avoid any appearance of being less than fair and balanced.
  13. Chicago? I thought he was Kenyan. But I do hear their politics are machine like.
  14. I wonder if the president does make an appearance at the Jamboree, would he be greeted with the same jeers and boos that the Scout color guard received at the Democratic Convention?
  15. In the immortal words of Ulysses Everett McGill, "I'm in a tight spot!" That email was standard Obama bashing noise I get daily from my father in law and other relatives of his Fox News generation. Normally I just delete without comment, but this one I opened and read. I thought it would be fun to just post the email in its entirety and give a quick comment much like my relatives add to their forwarded messages. Wise?, perhaps not, but I also enjoy poking badgers with sticks. Thanks for playing.
  16. First there are calls to close or retitle my thread, now calls for me to be permanently banned. And there wasn't even any vulgarity or personal attacks. Oh well, like the accused witch in Python's Holy Grail, "Its a fair cop!"
  17. VolScouter: "I agree with Calico. This thread is best terminated since apparently the White House is currently signing the certificates. " Anyone else agree that a discussion of an email with scouting relevance being passed around within conservative circles should be shut down so we don't talk about it? Is that scoutlike? Perhaps a review of Citz in the Nation is in order.
  18. WHAT? Are you saying that something that Glenn Beck is reporting is patently false? That he doesn't check his facts before broadcasting it? That FoxNews isn't Fair and Balanced? Please! Next thing you will tell me is that Breitbart didn't take that racists speech out of context. That Fox news doesn't fact check their stories. Come on, throw me a bone here!
  19. Just got this email from my conservative relatives. I can't believe Obama would trash the BSA like this! Thank God for Glenn Beck to bring this to our attention. Email text: It is with tremendous sadness that I send this to my friends, unfortunately this information goes a long, long way to confirm the worst possible motives behind the man who fooled so many gullible American people into voting for him. The story you heard yesterday about President Obama refusing to sign Eagle Scout Awards is true. He won't sign life saving awards either. Every President since 1912
  20. If Rooster shows back up and asks about you, we'll just tell him you got caught up in the rapture.
  21. I think Merlyn nailed in on the car analogy. Dead on.
  22. Talk about dancing around the issues! Is it official BSA policy to allow atheist scouts to hold membership?
  23. Beavah, what is BSA's official stance on atheist scouts? Their policy, not the actions of some units downstream from the national offices. I believe it is to exclude them. Now we all know that in practice, most line level units don't do that. That's the local option. It just isn't BSA policy.
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