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  1. here is the offical word: The official uniforms are intended primarily for use in connection with Scouting activities. They should be worn to all den, pack, and troop events, and may be worn to school, church, or any family function. The uniform may also be worn while participating in a troop or pack money-earning project if approved by the local council. It may be worn when selling tickets to such events as Scouting shows that are approved by the council. The uniform may not be worn by either Boy Scouts or adult leaders when: Involved in any distinctly political endeav
  2. national will tell u there is no such thing as a CLASS A uniform.. but yet we all call it that.. they need to get onthe bandwagon.. anyhow, as the rest of the world defines their class a policies... april to october would be class b uniforms ( shorts, short sleeves etc) the rest of the year is long sleeve etc. Class C uniforms would be their venture or varsity uniforms... when travelling to and from campouts, scouts should have 'camping clothes'.. no need to risk a good CLASS A getting stained or torn. NOw if this campout is a non troop event, such as a camporee or a jamboree,
  3. i dont know if its a donation, but sales tax is not reimbursible. The next time, or rightnow, u need to get a copy of the tax exemption form. They dont have to reimburse you and you didnt make a donation because the store has your money, not the council
  4. your sponsor is supposed to help out with finances, as it states in the CC hanbook. Then there are fundraisers, and also, there are companies that would love to give a donation to troops. My company dontaes $750 every year for each employee involved and the donation goes to THE TROOP itself, not the national
  5. Scouting regulations are specific: the rules and requirements cannot be changed UNLESS agreed upon by the national council ;;;NO MORE , NO LESS
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