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  1. Thanks for all the input. I think we have a couple of Dads that are thinking about driving out with the Troop trailer and carrying all the gear. Their thought is that they will tour Yellowstone after our backpacking trip. So if that is the case...problem solved. Thanks again...
  2. Thanks for the thoughts... The reason some are afraid to check our backpacks is the danger of the airlines "misplacing" our luggage. One of our adults has had the worst luck in that regard. He has even had his luggage lost on direct flights. That is a good idea about the cheap duffle bags. We have priced shipping and it looks to be about $120 per person to ship round trip.
  3. Our troop is planning a trip to the Grand Tetons next summer. We are trying to calculate costs as close as possible. One issue we keep running into is transporting gear from Alabama to Wyoming. Shipping it is really expensive. Some are afraid of trying to check it on the plane. Any thoughts on how would be the best way to handle this?
  4. I have always gone in from the west side. I would highly recommend Anderson outfitters out of Crane Lake. www.anderson-outfitters.com
  5. As far as implementing it.... I made a challenge to the boys that if they could run a 5k I could. The SPL then implemented some running in the troop meetings. They started off running 1\4 mile...then 1\2 mile...then 1 mile...then 2 miles...then a couple of weeks before the 5k we actually ran the route of the race. It was a big confidence booster for the boys and our troop recieved quite a bit of good press.
  6. Many times the question is asked about program ideas and bringing some activity to a weekly scout meeting. Just thought I would pass along a couple of ideas we have done and are doing that seems to be going good. #1 Training for a 5k. http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml this was a huge success last year...we had several boys that had never run a 100 yards much less a 5k. Every boy finished the race! #2 http://hundredpushups.com/ We are in this plan now. Boys like to feel like they are strong. Remember physical fitness is one of the aims of scout
  7. Cumberland Island Ga. is a great place to camp and explore!!
  8. I am a die hard Hennessy Hammock guy. In our troop I bought the first one and now we probably have 6 or 7 between boys and adults. The boys enjoy hanging them "condo style". As with everything else you have some that love it and some that don't. For me it is the most comfortble night sleep I ever have camping. The first night I spent in it was the worse night. I had a hard time getting my sleeping bag just right and the ropes stretched and I ended up almost on the ground. Here are a few observations that might help you. The original fly is small. I've never been wet, but in
  9. The outdoor channel was filming for the show while we were at Philmont this year. The guy filmed a lot of the burro racing at Harlan camp.
  10. We made a 3 day weekend over MLK last Jan. What a unique place. We camped on Hickory Hill the first night and Stafford the second. I'll never forget the sight of our tents being set up in all those huge oak trees at Stafford. A wonderful place that I can't wait to return to. The campsites make the scouts feel like they are farther away from civilization that they really are. Fullquiver
  11. I''m a long way from 50, but I still get stiff and sore from sleeping on the ground. I can "tough it out", but I have found a way that is a lot more comfortable. After a great deal of research I went with a Hennessey Hammock. It is the most comfortable night sleep I have had camping! I have now convienced a couple other adults and some boys to try a hammock. At summercamp I had an adult that slept 5 nights straight in the Hennessy. He said even at home he wakes up with a sore back. After 5 nights in the Hennessy his back was not sore in the morning. One issue is the hammock is a on
  12. How timely we are going on a canoe trip this weekend. Even on canoe trips the boys cook for themselves. As we approved menus this past Tuesday night most of the boys are doing "backpacking type" food. Most of them really get a kick out of eating out of a bag and most of the stuff is pretty tasty. As far as the adults are concerned we are eating what we call chicken wraps. Cook onions and peppers in a fry pan add a couple of cans of chicken. Take tortillia bread with a little salsa on it, put on the stir fry, and top with a little cheese. Mighty fine. Follow it up with a cherry cobb
  13. I recently read about a Troop that has its own climbing wall. I thought this would be something to consider. In our area there are no commercial climbing facilities. Do any of you have your own climbing wall? What are the pros\cons? Thanks, Fullquiver
  14. I have a comment on SueM's problem. If the SPL and ASPL is picking on other scouts this is a serious problem. This is not displaying "scout spirit". You may need to have a talk with the boys and remind them (and maybe their parents), at some point they will have to come for a BOR. At the BOR they will be asked "do you display scout spirit?" It doesn't matter if it was my son or another scout they would not pass review if they were picking on other scouts. Very poor example of boy leadership and a black eye for the troop...
  15. I have a question about the 50 miler award. It is about the time limit of 5 consecutive days. If this is a bike trip the 50 miles can be done in 1 day or maybe 2. With a canoe trip it could be done in 4. My question is: Is the 5 day rule set in stone or are there exceptions made for certain activities. Fullquiver
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