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  1. Make sure that you are camping in a council approved location.(see page 33-4 of the Cub Scout Leader Book) If you do not have council approval, your insurance coverage is NOT in force. Check with your district executive or district camping chair to verify the location before you do much more planning. Better safe than sorry. The other advice in the postings are really very good. Keep the outing going...!
  2. Our councils pow wow has declined severely over the last number of years. It was once a huge event and now it barely breathes. Is anyone else having the same problem? If you are, what ideas might you have to revive your experience.
  3. It seems this topic has been exhausted but here is one more shot. Patrol method, den method, team method...does not matter. This is a leadership training course. In the short six day period you are exposed to the same pressures and problems that any small group goes through. You might now understand how the new cub scout, boy scout or venturer feels and can spend the right amount of time making sure that the individual succeeds in scouting, regardless of who leads the effort. I took the "old" cub scout trainer woodbadge and the old boy scout woodbadge. Same methods, different goals.
  4. If you are concerned about your medical privacy, why not do the following: 1. get a large envelope that will hold your medical form. 2. put your name on the outside and mark it "open only in an emergency" 3. take the envelope and the form to the Woodbadge session. Show that your form has been filled out and then seal it in the envelope. Turn it in. 4. When it is returned, it should be sealed up...unless you had a problem. We have done this and it works for those who are concerned. PS, I found out that I was a diabetic during my woodbadge physical many years ago. It does
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