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    Eagle Scout. Worked at Philmont Scout Ranch for five summers and married my sweetheart I met there.
  1. Eagle Scout's Appalachian Trail thru-hike is about more than testing Scouting skills. Matthew and David, two scouts from Troop 505 in Austin, Texas are nearing the halfway point of their Great Appalachain Trail Expedition. They have encountered bears, incliment weather, and tough terrain, but mostly they have experienced true generousity, friendship, and encouragement along the trail. Follow their blog at www.thegreatATexpedition.com to read about why America is still great. You can also read an interesting article from Scouting Magazine to learn more about their journey. https://blog.
  2. I am Matthew and Kate's father who is vicariously living through their expedition. I had worked at Philmont for 5 summers while in college and now enjoy high adventure treks each summer with the Scouts, but nothing to this extent.
  3. Matthew Warrick, an Eagle Scout and his sister Kate, a Venture Scout, are currently hiking the Appalachian Trail. Shortly Kate will leave the Trail to start her summer job as a Ranger at Philmont Scout Ranch. Matthew plans to thru hike all 2,200 miles. They have created a website and post daily blogs, which I have been having tremendous fun following their adventures. Learn more by following them at thegreatATexpedition.com
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