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  1. A few good deeds

    Another Scout based story I thought that we should share....
  2. Am I the only one?

    I'm doing a series of post (On FaceBook ) with some observations on my Council and District experience. I was wondering if I was the only one for a while then I started getting emails from local members with the same complaints. So now I wonder if its local problem or a national issue. Heres my First Post... The Key Leaders Letter FrankBoss
  3. Am I the only one?

    Guys I've read this and have had discussions with some current and ex scouters in my area. It seem what I've been observing has constantly been creeping in on the districts since '09. Its just has turned into something that can't be hidden in the last three years. I don't know what the answer is to fix or adjust this. But I know being silent is not helping anyone. We need more unit's in our area and those units need support from the district and council.. But it seems there is know one checking on the operations of the councils other than than income... FrankBoss
  4. Am I the only one?

    To be honest in my Council and District... "I Think" the culture of the office has turned bad. and it has leached in to the Districts.. Absolute little concern for Program or Volunteers from the professionals and a sole focus on income is a wicked problem... We have no voice in district and council... If you have the wrong message even if it a constructive... your shut down and pushed out. The saddest part for me was that we lost a lot of incredible volunteers over this... FrankBoss
  5. Am I the only one?

    You are somewhat right... I did receive the email. To be fair this email could have matched the last 7 years of email for this even just change the name of the sender.! No! I did not go to this event this year! But! my responses are not with out merit, I did follow up with others on what I missed at this years meeting ( I have been staple at these in the past ) and I do have well over 12 years as a district and council volunteer serving in several positions. District Vice Chair, Assistant District Commissioner and F.F.O.S. Chair to name a few. If you read my post.. I state most volunteers (District and Council) in my area are afraid to comment publicly, for they will be Bullied by the Council Heads in a closed door meetings or Black Listed by the Council's very own Talent Committee. "So is this a regional phenomenon or is it national." We have very unhappy volunteers in our district, and most are walking on egg shells just to stay in the game and some are walking out.... Our Council has put off requested District training for Years... most of the Districts are fumbling around being lead by this years DE (High turn over of course) and not able to function (as the district program manuals state) with out being micro managed by Council. Focus on money drives who is recruited to District positions (A game of Who and How much $$ are they worth ) no joke. So read into it what you will but my question stays the same and if this is not a place for such a question to be aired, then tell me where...you'll be the first to answer ! I have resigned from the Council and District programs, and have chosen to only help the units directly. So I now have freedom to inquire with out penalty... If this is a common problem we are in trouble.. if it's just my area hopefully it can be turned around. I'm not here to polish my halo , just air out what is a major concern. FrankBoss
  6. Am I the only one?

    If you don't facebook .. it should still show up as if your not logged in...but the information is still there I'll see what I can do other wise. FrankBoss
  7. On of my latest stories I've written based on my scouting experience. Feel Free to share Jack the Soldier FrankBoss
  8. Thanks guys.. FrankBoss
  9. I posted another story based on a Scout legend I've heard a few times.. this was a hard one to write since the guys telling me about it were so serious and hush hush... but I hate to see these stories get lost in time Link to the story -The Sentinel Spirit FrankBoss
  10. The Sentinel - Legend from Scout Camp

    I ask one question.. Who do you view as the Sentinel in the story? Free feel to share. FrankBoss
  11. Part 2 of the Wootten story

    Just uploaded the second half of the Wootten Lodge story. About a Building that was in Camp George Thomas. the building was part of the Black Beaver District till the Last Frontier Council took it over. Enjoy Wootten Part 2 FrankBoss
  12. 12 points of leadership

    A true story... This was a moment when I had the honor of being a Scout master. I posted it on my Media page... 12 points of Leadership FrankBoss
  13. I've been writing little Stories for a while and blogging a bit. Of course being a diehard Scouter I tend to gravitate to the topic of Scouting. Last year the local council removed a old building and I wanted to share the history to as many scouts as possible... It's a good story! My Series The Legends from Scout Camp "Wootten" Thanks for sharing FrankBoss
  14. I had a kid with a eagle project shot down that I didn't understand. First it's not My Child but a kid in the troop that I thought had a great project, that took unique resources and labor. A youth camp that lends its self out free to youth clubs , schools and churches was hit really hard by Ice storms over a few years and the fence that was damaged by tree's and water run off needed totaly replaced. Over 700 feet replacing T post, reconstructing corner post and running 4 rows of wire for over 2100 feet of material there alone not to mention concrete and pipe for the corner foundation. He went to eagle board and they shot him down because there WAS already a fence there in the first place. I was shocked with the response so I'm looking for a little insite... I guess I'm trying to get the boys to think out side of the "prefabbed Park Bench" box. Thanks Frank
  15. Getting a eagle project shot down

    The Scout showed me his notes.. They did touch on the good stuff (Saftey equipment and refreshments) But they said he needed to add "Value" since the fence already existed he could replace the fence and add a park bench. Oh man. I've heard so much of this catch phrase. "Adding Value" It just baffles me... FrankBoss
  16. Getting a eagle project shot down

    well so far what I got was this is no more than maintenance. I think our councils interpretation of the guidelines are needing addressed. I'll see who I need to talk too. Frank
  17. Getting a eagle project shot down

    I was rather sick I've been so for a few months.. so I did not make the meeting and wanted to hear some other points of view before going threw the motions of trying to get the kid motivated, it kinda broke his spirit. So I asked the other adult to tell me what happened and this is what they told me. "The Eagle Board did not like the fact that his project was not adding value. His project was replacing the fence at the Kiwanas park and they deemed it to be a maintance project that are no longer allowed. Now if he was adding fence to section off an area that may pass. But just replaceing something is no good" Frank
  18. OA What

    Where can I get info on the OA Program? What is its real purpose? I have other questions but I'm not wanting to stir the pot just because I have no insight to that part of the scout world. Frank
  19. My Old A frame Tent

    When I was younger I had a A frame tent. it was the best. Fast to setup..easy to repair.. cheap and light... I got it when I was a Webelo and Carried it all threw my scouting well into Explorers. I took care of it and it lasted 20 years. It was what a young man could afford nothing Hi Tech but simple water proof. My Dad and I took it on a 50 miler and camped in mountains in the snow. I made my own rain fly that mounted to the poles and kept the gear out of the direct rain. I was Quite proud of the little tent. Now my kids in Scouts I have shopped for a two man tent to pack and camp with. that the youngest kid can set up him self so I looked for the replacement of that great tent. I found one just like it and my kids like it. http://www.scoutgear.com/sp71384b.html Has anyone seen one that would be a little bigger? I witnessed a Orange one looked taller and might have slept 2.5 or three people. But when I went to talk to the owner they had left already. FrankBoss
  20. My Old A frame Tent

    I would love to see your setup.... I think the scouts miss out on the lessons learned by Crafting their own shelters. Frank
  21. My Old A frame Tent

    I bought the euricka timberline this morning, its a good tent but I'm still looking for a Two pole A style tent... something so simple for the kid to put up. I have a older version of the Timberline and its a good tent. but its not so simple to put up and take down to my Cub Scout. Frank
  22. My Old A frame Tent

    Yes that was too good of a deal to pass up. I just ordered one... I have one of those in my trailer but it's been used hard and is very old. Frank
  23. My Old A frame Tent

    I'm kinda leaning tword the MSR Missing Link...Any one have any insight with this kind of tent? Seems pricey for what it is... Frank
  24. OA What

    MaNu Lodge holds elections from September 1st through December 31st. Elections are not held during Summer Camp. Only elections conducted by an official OA election team trained by MaNu Lodge will be considered valid. Members of your own troop may not conduct an election for your troop. LOL...I took this off the website. I've never seen them do elections. So this will be new. Frank
  25. OA What

    Thanks again... I often wondered about how ALL our units OA members were pared as Parent and Scout. We have Elections coming up, the first time in a couple years. I will be excited how it works out. Frank