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  1. My Crew actually designed a one piece patch that has the council patch and the numbers along with hometown and stuff like that. After shipping and stuff like that, it was cheaper to go this route then to buy all the patches individually. We also did the number in green on white to match the position patch and VLSC patches for the youth.
  2. I was looking at scout activities in other countries a few years ago and I stumbled upon the New Zeland National Moot for Rovers (The US equivelent would be if they had a national gathering of venturers similar to the Jamboree). I read through some of the activities that they had to choose from and they included sea kayaking, bike tours, eco tours, touring wine country, pub crawl, etc. I went to the merchandise page and found that they were selling thongs for the Moot. I think I actually fell out of my computer chair laughing. Now my question, would an official BSA thong be considered
  3. I just got back a uniform that I had someone sew new patches on for me and the dark green patches look so much sharper then the kahki ones did. I have the Eagle, AOL and Leader Training (this one wasn't suppose to put onto my uniform quite yet, 1 requirerment shy) Knots and they really compliment my youth religous, Venturing Silver, and Venturing Leadership Award knots (BSA stock knots). I would just like to thank SageVenture for the high quality and hard work that he has put forward into "corecting" the things that nationals have neglected to work on.
  4. I know they have had 2 different size sashes since at least 96 because that is when I joined Boy Scouts. It seems like my parents bought me the shorter of the two (they didn't think I would earn to many past the 21 required). FYI: You can only fit about 65 merit badges on the front side of the sash
  5. Because Venturing is such a different animal then the CS/BS progams, it would be in your best interest to have a different event for the venturers. If you really want to include venturers in the camporee, you could have some of the crews get together and setup 1-2 stations for the scouts to visit. If you decide to have a seperate event, do something that the venturers want to do and get input from the venturers themselves. Just because you think it would be fun, doesn't mean that they will. (I have a feeling that this will be a problem in the next few years with the one senior scouting
  6. I think a good training would be "Youth to Adult Transitions." I've never seen this offered at mine, but I think it would be a good one to have. I personally know a few scout leaders (including myself) that aged out of the venturing program and are now adult leaders. This could also be done for the Boy Scout side also.
  7. I guess I don't see what the big deal is with the unit number color change. My crew designed a one piece CSP/Unit number patch where we made the following modifications: We modified the CSP by changing the border color from yellow to green. we also changed the FDL to the venturing logo. We then attached a number set with green numbers on a white background with our hometown and establishment date in red (a throwback to the old communinty strips). We designed this to compliment the youth position patches and VLSC patches.
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