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  1. I'm not positive on this subject but in the Boy Scout Handbook (I'm not looking at it right now) it says something to the effect of "a scout may continue earning palms past his silver palm in that order." This means that the scout must earn an eagle number of silvers to bronzes or more bronzes. Ex: 6 Silvers and 6 Bronzes or 7 Bronzes and 6 Silvers. This would signify that he has started another set of palms and that he still has to get another gold to get another silver. My troop has never had a person with a palm but I talked to my scoutmasters as a few of my friends and I will all recieve a
  2. I forgot the admonition! I feel so stupid but the day after my ordeal ceremony (Sunday) Me and my buddy woke up and we couldn't remember it. The ten people we asked couldn't remember either. I know what it means but i don't know the actual word. Somebody plz help me!
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