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  1. Had to revise my comment forgot the "or not" after University.
  2. Same here. What I think makes this even worse is this guy is from his troop. So this could have happened whether they attended a MB University.
  3. Do you believe the press will make this out as a positive move or as a negative? I could see a headline that would say "Bigots leave BSA after BSA allows some units to allow gay leaders".
  4. Just a few questions here. You say in previous posts that you've had some other problems when it comes to this leader and the scouts advancement. Would you not agree that adult leaders or scouters job is to work with the boys? Do you feel that this scouter has done well at this incident, as well as others? Would you recomend any of your scouts to see this guy for MBs? Just because he is an Eagle Scout and has all the "bling" does not make him any better. Just because he was a, shall we say stand out scout, does not mean he will be the same as a scouter. Do'nt know if you have ever heard this b
  5. I agree. Did the boys have an ASM from their troop that was in camp with them? Camps that I have been to would ask for a note from the troop SM, or in this case ASM that the scout in question had done or completed the other rquirements on other trips. In the info for this camps summer program these requirements may have been down as pre-requests.
  6. I saw this too late but. Who you gonna call....
  7. No, but since I'm a member of BSA I should at the very least respect my fellow members and at the very least get the same back from them.
  8. Watch it there my troop does a roadside cleanup twice a year.
  9. We have a CO who does a food drive for the poor every year for Thanksgiving. Well all they ask us to do is box the food and distribute them. It takes just a little over an hour. Well because its for our CO (who also pays our rechartering) and the needy in our community I told the boys that this will NOT count as service project time. They didn't seem to have a problem with that. Then the parents found out and suddenly I was a slave driver. At the next committee meeting a few of these parents showed up to voice their concerns. After I explained myself most of them seemed to at least understand,
  10. No what is actually sad is that for the most part today many boys and at times their parents (who may drive them to these) need to be bribed into doing something that we as scouts should want to do. I think many boys today miss out on learning the idea of the "Good Turm". To some this might be holding a door open for somebody or the old helping an old lady across the street. As scouts we should be willing to help out whether there is something in it for us or not. The simple satisfaction of helping out just to help out is little by little disappearing. Although it may not be adding to the req
  11. And we already know that the "news" always reports the entire story.
  12. Already has begun in my area. (eastern PA) Quite a few camps have added private bathroom and shower facilties (where they can) some of these camps refer to them as "comfort stations". Chances are the more remote camps this may take awhile or may not happen at all.
  13. This is a great point. I don't know about other units, but just because you walk into a meeting doesn't mean I am going to give you an application to join our troop. The only time that I have ever done this is when the adult is standing there with his son or step-son with a leaders uniform on. From the pack that he had just graduated from. Otherwise you will have to wait before any in our troop will offer you an application. It's just a no-brainer.
  14. Yeah I had a friend who had two girls in the GSUSA, he went through that twice then both he and his daughters agreed to leave the program. One of his daughters said "What good is it to have my daddy there if he can't be around me". They go out and camp privately now 1 tent for dad and 1 for his daughters and they are in the same site too.
  15. David I agree, but the polarization already does exist in scouting. How many times on this forum have we seen some of the confusion that is out there concerning shall we say regular scouting and LDS scouting? Man has been fighting and dying over religious issues since the beginning of man (again according to which beginning you want to believe) and it still continues today.It is a "walking on eggshells" type of discussion. Where some here see this decision as one that is "right" or "wrong" it actually is neither, again in my opinion. It is a matter of you respecting my right to believe my way
  16. I'm done. This is like trying to drive a screw the a hammer.
  17. Now I can agree 100% on what you say there. I have never been a leader to a troop that was owned by a church. I chose the wrong words to use there, sorry.
  18. First off, please tell me what tells you that these boys are scouts? All they look like are young men at a gay pride parade. There is not one single thing in those pictures that says they are scouts. Besides that who am I or any other leader to tell them what they can or can not do on their free time. Are they doing anything against the law? Are you saying that a good SM also passes on his prejudice and bigotry? Why stop there and let's also pass on our politics too.
  19. Well I'm lazy, and you couldn't have explained it better. I have had to continue to tell MC that the Board of Review is not a retest or a redo. To some people these words are interchangeable. Out of all the changes that came down in 1972 one of the few I totally agreed with was the changing of the SMC and BOR to a "Personal Growth Agreement" Nothing to confuse there.
  20. Than BSA should take a look at it because I came out of that training with a whole lot more then I did WB, and not just things that pertained to work. In fact I brought more of that back to my troop then I did with WB and it didn't cost me a dime either.
  21. A few years back I had to take this training for work, I think it was called Kaizan Training, it comes from Japan. Anyway it was very similar to WB in fact my groups mentor compared this course to WB. I hope I'm quotong him right here. "When you leave WB you were taught how the operation works, but you still don't know what work needs to be done to make it operate".
  22. I couldn't agree with you more. I was on my councils first 21st Century course and like you said was impressed with the management and goal areas. Had one of the staff members sitting and talking with us for a little bit one of my patrol members asked him what was the difference between managing and boy led. He looked at him and sad nothing really. I just sat and shook my head he asked me what was the matter and before I could answer another member of my patrol said if that's what you think you should be sitting with us instead of leading us. I laughed but he didn't get it. The other thi
  23. The same as any other female SM. What challenge?
  24. It also didn't have the Guide to Safe Scouting and background checks either. Listen I understand where and what you are saying. I just don't agree with it. Even if this new rule doesn't pass it will happen too.
  25. Same thing they said when women were allowed to become SM and ASM.
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