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  1. The problem WAS that the scouts would pick whatever ASM they wanted to sign-off of that requirement and they would pick one that was not aware of any problems or issues. We have also since then adopted a Code of Conduct that we have communicated to the Scouts and are enforcing. During this process we discovered a lot of things that had been going on in the Troop that were definitely not in following Scout Spirit. Things are getting much better, but we still have a ways to go.
  2. I recently saw a Life Scout create a GoFundMe account to raise money to go to Philmont. While I would love for every scout to be able to go and experience Philmont, it raised questions in my mind if this was an allowable fundraiser?
  3. I was part of a board of review last night where we promoted a scout. I found out today that he misrepresented himself. It was not an outright lie, but still. The question was asked of him, "tell an example where you have shown leadership and helped the new first year scouts". He responed with an example of how just last week at camp he sat down and showed them some knots. I complimented him on his initiative as this was very uncharacteristic of this scout (he borders on being a bully at times to the younger boys). I found out today that doing the knot tying presentation was a form of punishm
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