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    • It sounds like the EBOR handled it well. I have sympathy for Scouts and Scoutmasters trying to understand and comply. Coaching rather than censure seems like the right thing to do in that situation.
    • Quite the opposite. We should ALWAYS question the applicability of the Constitution. It is the only way to test our laws. We do this daily was we consult case law, codes and the Constitution. Do our laws fit within the framework? Do they violate our basic rights? I don't see questioning the Constitution -- or even discussing change to it -- as a step down the path of "shredding" it. Rather, I see it as our duty to continue to question all laws against that framework. And if change *is* needed, we operate within the process laid out in the Constitution to change it. I'd love to see Executive Orders and judicial legislating be a thing of the past. Courts don't belong making policy like they do now, and the Executive does not belong making laws like they do now.
    • I'm still waiting on Skateboarding Merit Badge. I've been tempted to submit a proposal but surely they've already gotten plenty of requests for this one by now. It's always been interesting to me that it's a key marketing feature of any Summit promotions, and yet there's no badge for it. Maybe now with it becoming an Olympic sport, the BSA will finally make it available as a merit badge. 
    • You are correct, there are restrictions on free speech, just as restrictions exist on weapons. And I am not opposed to well thought out and effective measures. My point is simply that saying we need change in laws because the framers could not have foreseen the future is a slippery slope and poor argument that starts us down the path of shredding the Constitution.
    • This actually came up during an EBOR for another unit and the unit lead got in to hot water. The candidate was too young, as were his helpers, to use most of the tools on his project. There was only one adult from the unit present and he was not a trained leader. There were so many violations the district rep's head almost exploded. They used it as a chance to counsel both the youth and the SM on proper procedure and rules.  
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