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    • Many of our oaks apparently didn't cross pollinate this year due to weather conditions earilier in the year. Sterile acorn husks started dropping over the summer and we're getting' next to nuttin' now... 
    • Not quite... The Scout is expected to go back and serve his unit. Whether he chooses to serve the lodge and join in all those other lodge activities is just that... his choice. Election to Order of the Arrow, and completion of the Ordeal carries with it absolutely no obligations to the lodge itself. You are an Arrowman for life.  You are only a lodge member year to year as you pay your dues. Unfortunately many do not agree with this philosophy.  But that is another thread 😜 
    • https://www.scouter.com/topic/33307-elections-for-dummies/  
    • Yes the Order of the Arrow has seperate events for its members.  Aside from the Ordeal weekend required to become a member no other events are mandatory. At the Ordeal level a Scout is being recognized by his troop as an exemplary Scout worthy of recognition by the OA which is Scouting’s National Honor Society.  The Scout is expected to continue giving exemplary service to his unit and pay his lodge dues.  Lodges will have service and fellowship weekends for members and Sections (groups of several lodges) will have a yearly Conclave but these are opportunities not obligations.
    • Scouter community,   My young Scout is very interested in the Order of the Arrow and apparently wants to join. The troop leadership doesn't know much about it and I know even less. Apparently, they can arrange an election(?) where scouts can join and may do so soon. So we may be going down that path.  My question is; what exactly does the OA do? All the info online just speaks like a mission statement but it doesn't really help a parent know what they are getting into. Is it like a title the kids earn or is there more involvement? Are the kids still in the old troop or do they "graduate" to OA? Are there separate meetings, in addition to the troop meetings? Are there additional outings and other activities? Hopefully, get my point, I'd really like to know what we may be getting into and how much addition effort it would be.   Thanks in advance!
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