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    • I think it should depend on what you want to learn about. That said, I thought I knew what I wanted to learn about but I failed. My ticket was mostly a waste of time because I was clueless and my "advisor" couldn't be bothered. So I'd say the question is who should you talk with about your ticket.
    • Looking back, I may not have been as sensitive to the project and the scout.   It is just that Eagle projects are a mixed bag.   
    • I'm going to Wood Badge.  Can anyone give me some guidance on these tickets?
    • I think, sometimes,  the beneficiary isn't really so keen on the project, but gives the scout the OK so that he can earn his eagle. They see themselves as helping out the scout rather than being the beneficiary of the scout's project. 
    • It's easy to get lost when you forget, or never knew, the destination.  Scouting is not about running a well-oiled machine.   Mistakenly believing that a well-oiled machine is the boal, as BSA  does from time to time, drives adult leadership.  The goal is the Scout learning to accept and carry out responsibility, with all the bumps in the road that such a goal entails.  The point is not that everyone "got the word" but that they were given the word, to whatever extent, by the leaders - youth not adults.  Sadly, training is no longer a BSA priority, and most employees of BSA and councils are weak on what Scouting is supposed to be.  So, noting that explaining the Patrol Method is now an advancement requirement (for "Scout"), I asked BSA for the answer.  It could not give the answer or refer me to a coherent statement of what it is - just to bits and pieces.  But they did want to help me with planning my estate. 😉
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