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    • I have no problem discussing uniform advances, but We can’t have discussions of improving marketing and give up the uniforms at the same time. Boy Scouts have been identifiable by their uniform since the program started 110 or so years ago. Barry
    • More functional, I'm not exactly sure what that means.  Ever since the old OD green uniforms there has been a bunch of revisions to style, material, pockets, and there are a lot of choices.  The individual was clearly part of the larger group, and the attire received far more then a passing glance.  If someone showed up wearing a speedo and a tank top, or a string bathing suit there would have been an outcry.  Civil disobedience,  what if a member showed up wearing a Hitler Youth uniform, that youth would have been removed.  But, the powers don't seem to be interested in maintaining a positive public image.  Whisper, laugh, ignore, or tolerate,  either way let's just throw the standard away and don't worry about it.   
    • Some of that is also due to the changes in the church memberships, especially with older units likeours.  In the thirties through early sixties, we had huge youth involvement in the church, and the units reflected that too.  As the population shifted away from our end of the city, the youth went with it, and now the largest units are on the opposite end of the town.  And the income levels also shifted that way so that our draw slowly became from the lowest income areas and oldest housing.  Now we struggle as was here noted, but we have managed barely to keep the pack.  We had a very large feeder for years at a school, but they moved to a church, then folded not long afterwards.  Getting the cubs to visit to transition is hard, especially with the numbers and struggle with progam due to barely enough leaders able to do outdoor even at the minimum.  Out history is a plus, as we are the oldest unit in the council by far, but that only goes so far, especially with the odd historical disintruest it seems in society in general.  Finally of course, the biggest problem now is the CYA fears in the larger Church with the CO attacks by the black feathered ones.  JMHO of course.  Just note that, depending on your spiritual beliefs, there has never been a perfect human, and since all groups are made of us, that is a challenge.  
    • Clearly there are many many sponsors who are super supportive of scouting. My friend knows of three UMC units that are no more due to lack of scouts.  Their Packs folded amd without a Pack, the troops were gone in two years.
    • I heard about that and had interpreted it as a form of civil disobedience in support of making the uniform more functional. Anyone else know if that was the case or not? 
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