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    • The Jaycees.  ... What's sad is that the local Jaycee organization is now gone.  Was that due to the court ruling?  Or society trends?  Not sure.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roberts_v._United_States_Jaycees I always thought the Jaycee case was similar to the Boy Scout case.
    • It also fails to note that the BSA suffered a similarly sized membership loss between 1970 and 2000, long before Dale.
    • I remember researching and reading on this as it was fascinating.  I always wondered if this case would be decided differently now ... or differently depending on the mix of the Supreme Court (which has recently gone conservative again).  I reference the membership rules for a local community organization.  I'm trying to remember the group.  Not the Lions.  ??? ... I can't remember the name.  Back in the 1980s they did not admit women.  Then they were sued and lost.  It bounced different levels up the court system but they did conclusively lose in the end.  The argument was was the organization was mainly a civic organization and there were laws to promote non-discrimination.  As such, there was strong interest in the state to see that such civic organizations did not discriminate.   I always wondered if BSA could have lost as BSA serves far more in the civil role than a religious role.  Thus it could have been strongly argued that BSA had to not restrict membership. ...   BUT units could have been restrictive, if the charter was a religious organization, as you can't force a religious organization to violate it's own fundamental tenants.   My oldest son entered 1st grade right after Dale v BSA concluded.  Our family has seen the membership ranks dwindle drastically.  ... BUT ... I don't think it's all Dale v BSA.  Some yes, but I think the larger issue is the change in society.  In the last twenty years, society has drastically shifted what's ok / not ok.  Habits and tech has also drastically shifted.  It's clear Dale v BSA has affected our access to schools.  That has hurt recruitment.  BUT, I think there are other larger factors happening at the exact same time.  The old "perfect storm".   .... Sears recently failed.  It could be argued Sears failed to stay current and significant to the current generation.  I really hope BSA does not go the same way.
    • Sounds like fun! Since it's a competition, I assume that fabulous prizes will be awarded...
    • Yep. Sometimes the cure can be worse than the cough. That kind of reminds me of a story called "First Aid" by the famous Russian author, Anton Chekhov. In the story, everyone in town is hanging out, drinking to excess, and having a grand old time. One man decides to cut the evening short and takes a short-cut back to his house. Unfortunately, he's not on a trail and gets lost in the woods, where he falls into a river. He cries out for help and is rescued by another man. He emerges from the water, shivering and utterly incoherent, but breathing and ambulatory. One of the villagers suggests that since he's so incoherent, the soul must have left his body, and they should all perform "First Aid" on the near-drowned man. They get a big tarp and use it to launch the victim into the air, catching him on the downward trip like he was on a big trampoline. Eventually, the man's neck breaks and the villagers stop their "First Aid" when it's obvious the man is dead.  
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