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    • Kind of related to my original post and where I think we are going from here, in particular modeling the BSA after Scouts UK, as it relates to uniforms I think we should expect more of the UK model there as well. In the "Adding Girls to the Pack" thread (page 9) on this forum there is a video with Anthony Berger, and towards the end he talks about how the WOSM regards just the neckerchief as being "in uniform". And he's wearing his neckerchief in the UK style, with the friendship knot.  I fully expect to see more of this and a reduced emphasis on Class A uniforming in the BSA. I think we'll always have Class A, but more for ceremonies, COH, Blue & Gold, formal events, etc. In fact I think this video was pretty much confirmation (unofficially of course) that this is happening already. We should expect to see more of the UK-style larger neckers in the BSA, especially going into WSJ '19.  
    • I wasn't expecting the Spanish inquisition!
    • IF everything holds true, this is how things should work. A CO may choose to remain a boy only pack, with no changes.  They may choose to sponsor both an all boys pack and an all girls pack, who operate independently of each other.  They may choose to make the existing pack co-ed, with dens that are gender separate; girls in one den, boys in another.  At this point there should not be any co-ed dens.  If a pack chooses the co-ed model and does not have enough girls for separate age appropriate dens, they may have a mixed age den of girls.  (kind of like back in the dim past, when dens were made up of boys from the same neighborhood, regardless of age) The current plan for troops is that if a CO chooses they may remain boy only.  If the CO wants to bring in girls, it will be in a girl only troop.  That troop can share a COR, committee, and ASM's, but must have a different SM.  At this time there should not be any girl patrols in a boy troop. I do not know if this will hold true a few years from now, but as of now it is the way things are supposed to work.  There are numerous published records and charts detailing these options, they just do not get reported accurately.  I am sure that most of the news coverage has been done by people who do not take the time to actually research the facts before writing or going on air with an inaccurate report. Time will tell.  Regardless of how things play out, I intend to do whatever I can to see that the pack and troop that I serve in, and the units I serve as a commissioner succeed.
    • The protocol: Scout unit reports the incident to the Council Scout Executive since it is an alleged threat that falls under the Youth Protection Policy.  The Scout Executive or designee work with the unit to complete an incident report. The Scout Executive may choose to remove him from Scouting altogether.  If so you will get a letter and it should contain an appeals process. The Unit may choose to remove him from the troop.  A simple phone call is all it should take.  You may or may not be able to appeal that decision.  Even if you could you probably do not want to stay in that toxic environment.  I would suggest moving to a different unit. I know all of this because we had to do exactly that.  In our case we did talk to all scouts involved.  We had two scouts get threatened by one scout at the same event.  We ultimately dismissed the scout from the troop but the Scout Executive did not remove him from scouting.  He could transfer to another unit if he chooses. From your description it does not seem like things are being handled well.
    • (Emphasis added.) I realize I am about to commit heresy in the eyes of some, but I don't think the Lenni Lenape lore is "at the foundation" of the OA.  What I think it "at the foundation" of the OA is service, camping, brotherhood (with a small b, but maybe it's going to be siblinghood now anyway), and perhaps other related attributes.  The LL lore is the trappings - important ones, but still trappings.  I think it is there to lend an aura of intrigue to the whole thing.  And maybe a sense that these guys are in their own league.  But take away the lore, the dancing, etc. and you still have a foundation based on service, camping, brother/sisterhood, etc.  But I guess that in the eyes of many, the lore HAS become the foundation, and that's the problem. 
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