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    • Possibly that he really thinks of himself as a volunteer who's now charged to run the ship. If I were hired to the CEO role of our Scout council, I don;t know if I'd really consider myself a Scouting professional either.  I'd consider myself a volunteer who now has a job to run the council. It's neither respecting or disrespecting the professionals - just simply that he doesn't think of himself as one.
    • @mrkstvns, this "modern scouting culture" that you speak of ... what membership increases has it yielded? Here's the mentality that is "where it's at.:" First Class First Year is a lie. The skills therein are difficult to master. I say it to everyone who'll listen. As a result, the boys in my troop have SMs who aim for skills, not bling, plus a committee who stand behind them.
    • Exactly this. It makes it simpler because it doesn't change with the seasons. If Aeryn (my kiddo) and Samantha can tent together, they can tent together throughout their years in Scouting. If Samantha and Michelle cannot tent together, then that doesn't change just because Samantha had a birthday in April and now it's June. They can't tent together ever.

      But apparently, they can yurt or cabin or lavvu together in large groups.  
    • RS, excellent point.  Here's my hunch.  Mr. Mosby graciously declined the CSE title to help assuage the hurt feelings that are no doubt percolating through the "commissioned BSA professional" corps as we speak.  Some gold loopers knew it was potentially "their turn" to be in the running for the CSE job.  Not only were they passed over, their whole world is about to change.
    • Yup.  Even kids are capable of calling "Bullshit" when they see a rules list that claims "safety requirements" say that a 12 year old can't put some shredded bark in the 4 wheeled wagon red ryder wagon they got as a 4 year old  and pull it down a path.
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