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    • @Cburkhardt, thank you, much appreciated.  In all seriousness, this is the best summary of the BSA I've read in a long time. 
    • Liability:  Tightening implementation of YP practices and finally 100% enforcing YPT Training.  Better and continuous records checking for criminal and family agency matters.  Getting ready to file for Ch. 11 so we can finally pay deserving victims and no longer live under a threat that the next suit will ruin us.  Financial:  Disbanding financial train-wreck councils and putting that territory into those Councils run by responsible volunteers.  Charging fees that recover costs.  Downsizing staff not serving units.  Membership:  doing away with catastrophic and non-enforced  "don't ask don't tell" policy.  Adding all-girl troops and dens (demanded for decades by Scouters and others -- including SMs I met as a camp staffer in the 70's.  Program:  Going back to the Green Bar Bill way of doing things.  Pushing executives into unit-serving positions in the field or getting rid of them.   Yes, a lot I happened in the last 3 or 4 years. I could go on for hours.
    • You are way too generous. Don't need a lawyer because everyone will like us. We don't need any of them new fangled high adventure bases.  There's an old camp down by the river - give the boys some twine and a tarp. Merit badge updates - the ones we have are fine, we don't need updates Uniforms - we can get some American made military surplus stuff for real cheap. Ombudsman - don't need one of those - we'll just hire trustworthy folks. Someone to handle donations - nope, leave that to the units. Phone calls/emails - that's why we pay the SE. Someone to sweep the floors - again - that's why we pay the SE. So, I think all you really need is: 1 Boss to be in charge.  SE 1 expert to answer local questions and augment real world experience into National best practice. Done.
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