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    • Ever vigilant. And never be afraid to report YPT violations, even if they have an excuse. We all take YPT and we know the rules we must abide by. There's never an excuse not to do so.  I have experienced an adult who was a predator, he was trying to get my son to be with him alone on occasions and trying to be a family friend. I never did let him. He could have just been a guy trying to be friendly, but he raised the hackles on my wife's and my neck. He was the husband of one of our ministers. he was an absolute bore. Should be completely innocent, but again, hackles raised when he wanted to be alone with my kid.  He was eventually arrested by the FBI for trying to hook up with minors in a chat room. They arrested him at a parking lot, where he had arranged to meet a minor from that chat room. 
    • Directly ask the Scout Executive "why?"   and go from there.  If your Fund Raising Application was fully filled out, answering all questions (how, where , what,  etc. )  you should be able to get an answer as to "why".   Be politely persistent . A Scout is Courteous, Loyal,  Obedient, etc.   
    • If council denied it, who would you appeal to? National?  Doubt that's an issue they'd get involved in.   If you want real advice on what to do, post actual details of your situation.
    • any experience or recommendations when Council denies unit fundraiser for no clear reason? appears there is no appeals process and thus unit is denied opportunity to independently support program. 
    • Probably right.  I am focusing more on him going and having a fabulous time.
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