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    • What can the scouts do to take ownership at the patrol level? What can the troop Scribe do to fulfill his POR?
    • (Side note: I keep laughing because our new SM is a fan of the adult beverage of the same name. So, deep breath, get beyond the sillies ....) Yes, recognizing the different ways that others hew to ideals is a big "reward" in the scout who does it. Usually that scout is in the middle of his/her teen years, and isolation will be a threat to his psyche for the next two or three decades. One form of isolation is thinking that you are the "last good man/woman" standing. By looking out for the good in others, you discover that that's not true. You'll find someone working through their ideals to everyone's mutual benefit and be uplifted. That's why "recognition" is specifically a method of venturing: it's synergistic with "ideals" and essential in the life of a maturing teen.
    • We were coming back from an outing last week, stopped for lunch, saw the Girl Scouts were selling cookies nearby so we wandered over and bought some cookies, talked about our recent outing, heard about their projects, and we went on our way. The sky did not open, everyone was pleasant, and we ate several boxes of Samoas before we got back to the church
    • My thoughts on this... encourage scouts to share with their patrol leader when they see others who do good turns.  This can be passed up the chain and perhaps tallied for a mention at a COH.    On the flip side... there are a few rude scouts in my son's troop and he has a hard time dealing with that because he gets bullied at times in school.  I told him that perhaps he should gently remind them that a scout is kind and courteous.  It may just get them to stop and think about their behavior.
    • Our troop uses TeamApp for sign ups.  It's very popular at my children's school for sports also.  Any time my Scout uses the chat function, I get a notification.  Our treasurer uses TeamApp to track on her end who is going so that if a fee is due, she can deduct it from their scout account and move money around on her end.   Hope this helps.
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