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    • I too would rather 10 serious Arrowman, than 100 going through the motions. I remember upsetting a SM when I stated that those who are not interested in the OA could leave their names off the ballots, and several of his Scouts volunteered NOT to be on the ballot. This is the Same SM who had a bunch of Arrowman in the troop, but none active I knew this would happen when they changed the election process in the 1990s.  I just didn't know how long it would take. Combined with some other decisions by national OA, specifically the new new AOL and Cross Over Policies, I do not see anything inspiring Scouts to be interested.  And of course, the poor Call Out Ceremony I attended really upset people.  
    • trial and error.  Mix sulfur and carbon and.... 
    • HashTagScouts,   Welcome to the new and improved OA. Anyone at anytime. No batteries required. Just get them in, and then guilt them towards their Brotherhood. Our new lodge advisor is someone I've known for a long time. Has been everywhere, and started as a scoutmaster. Great person. Has also been active in the OA. He has always attended the chapter meetings. Since becoming the lodge advisor, his tune has changed drastically. He personally was handing out lodge provided illegibility (for Brotherhood) lists to our chapter scouts just before our last Service Weekend (Ordeal). He wanted them to call them, e-mail them, text them, whatever works, but do it! Ge them registered. The spirit has changed in our lodge. Elections for all troops are pushed hard. Quantity might be up. But the quality is way down. Lots of scouts joining, but every event I attend, the turnover rate has to be high, because I see all new faces. How young can you be to be nominated for the OA????? I know I'm getting older, but give me a break. Oh well, I have my memories. sst3rd
    • Our staff adviser wants the LEC to "increase Brotherhood numbers"- presumably that is coming from the SCF.  I'm with @Oldscout448 that I'd welcome anyone to Brotherhood, if it truly was in their heart as a desire, not just because it fulfills someone else's wish.
    • I never have understood the LEC obsession with getting the various awards and certifications from National.  According to its founder, the OA is supposed to be a thing of the individual and the spirit.  In any brotherhood ceremony,  I  would rather have 10 arrowmen who have taken the admonition to heart, than 100 who  just mouthed the words because their SM "encouraged" them to go because the chapter/ lodge needed the numbers. I don't look at anyone wearing an ordeal sash at automatically think "he's not really serious about the Order".  If he is a friend to the younger scouts, if he helps with the hard tasks without being prodded,  if he looks for ways to serve, then he is in truth one of our brotherhood.  The sash is just a sash.  
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