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Physical Wellness online training

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  • Physical Wellness online training

    Just took the online Physical Wellness course. What a stupid, stupid, stupid waste of my time. Smoking is bad? Really?

    So assuming I failed fourth-grade health, why waste time with the insipid banter of Peewee Harris & Co. or restoring health to the cartoon green blob? What's the target market for this crap, adults or Tiger Cubs?

    I logged-on because I needed to update Safe-Swim Defense and Safety Afloat (not that I have any immediate need for either of those in January) and saw the wellness training. Since I had not previously taken it, thought I'd give it a try. What a waste. Who do I see about getting that 45 minutes of my life back?

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    Well, at least you spared me 45 minutes!

    I made up for it by listening to a young man who talked to me about what he learned from reading Fast Food Nation yesterday.


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      Indeed, the course is a joke. I had the same reactions--didn't learn anything, and just a waste of time.

      I learned alot more about health and fitness from my Fieldbook, 2d edition.


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        "Physical Wellness online training"

        Imagine what great physical condition everyone would be in these days if online training really did improve physical wellness!


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          A few weeks ago, I cajoled a committee member into finally taking Troop Committee Challenge. Afterward, she said "what's up with the 1980s graphics?". To me, Physical Wellness is worse.

          I don't get it. We don't need cartoonish online training. That stuff wouldn't even work with young teens.

          I find it condescending for adults, in a way.

          I also don't mean this to sound overly harsh, but someone, somewhere thinks that is sufficient training. To me, that's where the real problem is.



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            The course was developed for a previous Jamboree. Youth took it as well.


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              So how does that work? Someone was cleaning out their desk and ran across a bad, 10-year-old training module and figured, what the heck, our volunteers have nothing better to do, let's post it?

              I expect more respect be given of my time. I exect higher quality standards for training materials.

              Until now, I would would take -- have for the most part HAVE taken -- any training BSA puts out. For one, I'm interested in being the best leader I can for my Scouts. Secondly, I trust BSA will value my time (and theirs, for that matter) and not put out worthless training material. I would think that is an attitude BSA would encourage and not abuse that trust.