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Another WB Benefit

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  • Another WB Benefit

    In other posts I go on about WB did for me, but the one thing that I missed was that WB expanded my scouting contacts. Prior to WB, I was active in my pack, went to RT, Cuborees, etc., but I mainly stayed in my group from my pack. At WB, I met a great group of friends in my patrol. When I went through as a staff member, that group expanded tremendously. At the last Cuboree, it was like a reunion of Wood Badgers. Was it that Wood Badgers are attracted to Cuborees? No, the difference is that I got to know different scouter from outside of my pack during the WB course. As such, both me and my son (who got to know/play with other kids) enjoy district/council functions more than ever. Not a huge benefit but one that means something to me.

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    I've seen the same thing.

    I agree, as someone that likes meeting new people, I find it's a nice side benefit of Wood Badge.


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      Agree, this is a great benefit of WB. You get to know other scouters that are in to scouting as much as you are. This has helped me be a better WL because I have more information/contacts about places to go and people to see.


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        Hi Ohana, Debbie Downer here....

        If you read through a lot of the old threads about WB, one of the big negatives of WB to a lot of folks is it's clannishness. Be careful that you don't let the WB reunion over shadow the Cuboree. Include other folks from your pack when you are visiting with your WB buddies. Introduce them to your new circle of contacts and friends. Go easy on the WB regalia stuff -- unless you've been through WB, most folks think adults playing with stuffed beavers and buffalo is just weird.

        As any Friendly, Courteous Scout would do, when you're hanging with your mates, look over your shoulder and see who looks left out.

        Otherwise, I absolutely agree with you. Making contacts is an important part of WB and the commraderie can and should be a big part of the experience. But that's true of all of Scouting, too. Many of my very best friends are those I've served with in the troop. I'm still very close to several of my old staffers from day camp. I've made good friends staffing at camp school over the years. Of course it's no different for the boys. My sons have good friends they've made at summer camp, NYLT and jamboree, too.


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          Good input 2cub. Here's the funny thing, most of the WB folks were there running the activity stations. The most I got was really short conversations in between sessions. Still, it was good to see friends again vs. being lost in the mob.

          The same benefit goes for RT. At the Cuboree I ran into many of the pack leaders that attend RT. Of course we had even shorter coversation as we were chasing after the cubs.