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  • PTC tips needed

    I am flying to PTC from Ohio this summer to participate in a Trainer's Conference. Any suggestions for best airport to fly into, etc etc would be appreciated. Probably looking at flying into Albuqurque or Denver. There are no direct flights to Santa Fe around here.


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    The year I went, I flew into Colorado Springs. Did some tourist things in/around CS (Garden of the Gods, Olympic Training Center, a mining museum, Pikes Peak, Royal Ravine to name a few.) before and after my week at PTC. On the drive back, I side tripped to La Junta to see the Koshare Museum and I timed it right 'cause they were performing that night.


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      When I took the whole family back in 2009, we flew non-stop into Albuquerque from Oakland on Southwest, did a full day there (which is enough in ABQ), then drove straight to PTC (about 2 1/2 hours as I recall with some geocaching along the way). After PTC, went back the way we came and spent a few days in Santa Fe with a side trip to Taos.

      We decided against Denver since the drive was longer, had already been to some of the sights in Colorado, and didn't want to fly United, which was the cheapest choice at the time.

      Totally enjoyable, no issues. Only negative was the car rental was about $500 for the 10 days. You may want to include those costs in your calculations.


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        I was there last yr + am going again week 6 this yr, drive time is Denver 4 hrs, Colorado springs-3 hrs, Albuquerque-3 hrs-lots to do any place you land. if you get out there early(check in starts promptly at 2pm Sun) Stay at St James Hotel or Cimarron Inn+ RV Center(I prefer this place has character and very clean)Each room has a theme and is decorated. I find renting a car(shop around u have time yet) because Wed we have the day off to wander and sight see-town,Eagles Nest-trout fish and so on. the NRA has a location to visit not to far down the rd also.
        We live in "tent cities" they have 2 cots with mattress's clothes closet, electric plug and wi-fi(yes in the tents)
        Your experience will be a "forever" memory, much like a boy at his 1st scout camp. Enjoy your week


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          I am hoping to attend the PLC next year. If I don't get asked to Staff anything again.

          I plan to fly in the closest I can (from Europe) and get there the best I can. Is there a bus that drives out there from Santa Fe?

          Mike B.


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            Scoutbox, here is the weblink for the training center. Click on the "planning your visit" link to find the link for shuttle services. There are currently shuttle services from Denver, Colorado Springs and Albuquerque. Alas, doesn't look like there is one from Sante Fe.


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              thanks moximan!


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                Before you go- give a shout here, might be someone going same week as you and u could car pool to and from the airport-My dates are July 12 -21,Denver airport late after noon arr and dep and I will pass Colorado Springs airport on way to Philmont.The train also stops in Raton and the shuttle will pick u up there also.


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                  Both drives are pretty easy. The summers that I worked there we regularly picked people up from both Denver and Albuquerque. The drive up through Taos is a little longer but a can't miss drive.

                  As was pointed out the Amtrak is an option as well.

                  My thought is that with so many scouters arriving at one time, there should be a steady stream of people coming from both airports. Just a matter of coordinating.

                  I've never been a big fan of staying in Cimarron. If you want to stay close, just camp in the Valle Vidal. You'll have showers at PTC the next day. There are also several pay car and rv camping sites near Philmont.

                  We plan on going next summer. My youngest is just 2 so not quite old enough to do the fun stuff. I will be down there for a week for woodbadge in August and driving from home in Denver.


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                    Cito,good suggestion about the camping options for early arrival for PTC-not all bring camping equipment with them.The Cimarron Inn and RV center where I stayed has clean rooms tastfully decorated with Philmont themes. While the accomadations in Cimarron aren't as classy as those closer to interstate the are affordable. Cimarron has the flavor and character of the Old West, it's a pleasant change.
                    They do have a nursery at PTC for the young ones and there is Wi-fi and electric in our platform tents. This year we will have new showers and a covered area outside the dining hall we can use also.


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                      Just avoid the haunted rooms at the James and you're in good shape.


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                        I was there in June 2010, and let me tell ya: Bring plenty of allergy meds! The cottonwoods are in full "drop" in June, and my allergies, combined with the Altitude adjustment, combined with the extreme dry weather made for some serious headaches.

                        Also, my down sleeping bag was WAY too hot. I ended up driving to Raton to buy some sheets, the nights only got down to the fifties, so a sheet was really all I needed.

                        The Wi-Fi made communicating back home nice.

                        The only thing I think I would do different would be to make the weight limits, because they prohibit you from hiking the Tooth of Time if you don't comply with the current BMI requirements.


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                          If your course is anything like mine was, be prepared to be bring back a lot more than you took, flyers, handouts, souvenirs, book, manuals, etc.

                          This was just posted on PTCs facebook page today, "The new cell tower at Philmont is up and working. 3G service at the Training Center. Thanks AT&T!" "The service is mostly for the Base Camp and PTC operations. Strong connectivity enhances the safety aspects and business operations of Philmont, and helps the conferences at PTC. A great Scouter, who works for AT&T made this and the coverage at the Summit possible, and we are very appreciative."


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                            What click 23 said about handouts etc was right on, took the UC conference last yr and came home with all new UC handbooks and info,and I landed up mailing a pkg home ahead due to many "collected things" and gifts!!LOL