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    I have seen scouts(Boy Scouts) with patches above the right pocket, such as NYLT. They are in the same place as the purple fluer-de-lis is on the left side. Is that allowed or are they putting it there because their Scoutmaster(for some reason) said they could?

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    You see it a lot, but according the Insignia Guide, the proper location for the NYLT patch is on the right pocket, not above it. Jamboree patches, interpreter strips and name tags are the only thing which go over the pocket. Used to be, but I don't see it anymore, an exception for the yellow female Cub Scout leader blouses. The only ladies I know who still wear the yellow blouses are on staff at National Camping School and they, properly, wear a NCS patch above the pocket.


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      I assume that they put it there that way their sash doesn't cover up the patch at COH and other special events.


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        You mentioned Jamboree patches, do local Jamborees count or is it only national Jamborees?


        • jdbsa05
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          Only the National Jamboree (not local jamboree) patch may be worn above the right pocket, and it should be the most recent one you attended. Even World Jamboree patches are no longer permitted there -- they need to be on the right pocket.

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        Originally posted by EagleScout441 View Post
        I have seen scouts(Boy Scouts) with patches above the right pocket, such as NYLT. They are in the same place as the purple fluer-de-lis is on the left side. Is that allowed or are they putting it there because their Scoutmaster(for some reason) said they could?
        If you see it on scouts from multiple troops who would nonetheless be going to the same NYLT course (since they're all in the same council) I'd figure that some dummy at the course tells them to put it there. If they're all from the same troop, it's probably the SM, and he probably has 27 activity patches hanging on his breast pocket button.


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          Believe it or not, I've been told by a JLTC SM and staff advisor, I'm dating myself now, that the JLTC patch goes in the jambo spot, and that the IG was incorrect.

          I also had an SM ticked off at me for allowing his scouts to correct their uniforms before a uniform inspection that was a camporee event. Stormed up to me bellowing why was I telling his scouts that the JLTC patch was worn incorrectly and that they needed to wear a POR patch with the trained patch.

          IG was my friend that weekend, and all's well that ended well.


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            So someone is wrong about the uniform, the question is whether or not the insignia guide is correct, or if it needs an update.


            • Scouter99
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              The current insignia guide is always correct and never needs an update. Anyone who claims that their non-standard uniform issue is correct in spite of the IG is by definition wrong, because only the IG determines what it right.

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            Very little has changed in the Insignia Guide over the last 20 years, other than a few items being added. The positions of various patches has remained basically the same for decades, including what goes above the right pocket. Way back when, you could wear two jambo patches, if one was world. Technically, the IG says jambo patches must be current above the pocket; but few of us would say anything about a past one there I am sure. It also says only two can be worn at a time, a world on the pocket and the must current National above it. Definitely says training course patch, even the one from Philmont, is worn on the right pocket. If is a losing battle though with some I am afraid, as they simply do not care.


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              I still have one more question, can I put my 2010 Middle Tennessee Council Centennial Jamboree Patch above the right pocket on my uniform?


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                According to the IG, you should NOT. Can you? Yes, but it does not really belong there officially. It is not a National or World patch.


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                  Only if you are a Cub Scout Leader.

                  According to the Leader's Uniform Inspection sheet found here :

                  Temporary insignia, including one current world Scout jamboree patch, centered on pocket. Only one temporary insignia may be worn at a time, and they are not required for correct
                  uniforming. Cub Scout leaders and female leaders wearing the official uniform shirt or blouse may wear one temporary insignia centered above the Boy Scouts of America strip.
                  (emphasis added)


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                    Looking at the new IG, whatever it's now called, it states:
                    A jamboree emblem is worn above the right pocket by a Boy Scout/Venturer or Scouter who is registered to attend or attended the jamboree as a registered participant or staff member.

                    So WSJ patches can be worn above the pocket.

                    Placing the WSJ patch on the pocket is when you are wearing a both NSJ patch and a WSJ patch Again from the current IG

                    Both a world and a national jamboree patch may be worn: one current national jamboree patch above the right pocket and one current world jamboree patch on the right pocket.

                    This is the website:

                    Local "jamborees" don't count. For example I would not wear my East Carolina Council 2010 Regional Jamboree above the pocket.

                    AND I forgot to add to my last post, Too bad the female Venturers who may have the same "challenges" as female leaders don't have the option.