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Chit patches on pocket flap??

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  • Chit patches on pocket flap??

    I am in charge of uniform inspection contest this weekend at Camporee. There is a question about the totin and firem'n chit patch placement. Some scouts are placing on their right pocket flap. Where an OA Lodge patch also is placed. My understanding is that although it is similarly shaped, that these chit patches do NOT go on the right pocket flap. Only OA Lodge patch goes on the flap. Am I correct.

    In the insignia guide there is no mention as to where to place the chit patches, but the OA patch, and the Cuc Summertime Pack Award patch is specifically mentioned as to be put on the uniform pocket flap. So I assume that if they wanted the chits to go on the flap They would have specifically said so.

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    Per Page 39 of the guide to Awards and Insignia (33066) section 2 found at :

    Totin’ Chip, cloth, No. 8597; Boy Scout; worn as a temporary patch on right pocket; not to be worn on pocket flap.

    Firem’n Chit, cloth, No. 8599; Boy Scout, worn as a temporary patch on right pocket; not to be worn on pocket flap.


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      Weird, so though pocket flap shape they are suppose to dangle off the button?.. My son & his friend had one each, NH council didn't use them or sell them, But the MA council camp they did provisional at did.. They did sew on the pocket flap, and were pretty much the only scouts in our area with them. Then they removed them from the flap, but I don't know if there was a reason, or if it was just a personal choice.


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        It's a temp patch with a odd choice of shapes. The patch is work centered on the right uniform pocked. Although I'm a thread head, I've never understood why we have this patch. The card is enough, especially considering knife and ax use, as well as fire building are typically done in activity uniform.


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          Originally posted by WestCoastScouter View Post
          I am in charge of uniform inspection contest this weekend at Camporee.
          There are free copies of both the Guide to Awards and Insignia and Uniform Inspection online.
          Inspection Sheet:

          You can get a paper copy of the Guide for ~$6 if your local scout shop carries them. If not, you can get one for $15 after charges you eleventy-hundred dollars for shipping :P


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            Typically the boys and Parents I see do this have a case of patch envy......New scout no lodge flap needs more brightly colored cloth on uniform.....

            When I see incorrect patch placement, I mention it.....


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              Stick to the Insignia Guide. Don't ever pay attention to They just want to sell stuff.

              They sent out an email last week for a Mothers Day promotion, with a Scout Mom patch and a picture of it right on the sleeve under the flag. Unbelievable.



              • SSScout
                SSScout commented
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                Oh, that's easy. The picture is of MOM'S sleeve. She can't be a Patrol member, so she get's the patch to wear on HER uni (does't every "Scout Mom" wear a uniform??), not the Scout. No inspection problem.

              • King Ding Dong
                King Ding Dong commented
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                I thought only registered members could wear a uniform. If you are a registered adult member you must have a position code. What position code is "scout mom" ? I didn't realize registered adult leaders did not have to conform to the Insignia Guide.

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              Want some scuttlebutt on why those patches are made by national designed like that? As someone else stated, for the $. Long story short, some patch vendors came up with the design, and staretd sellign them. Then National went into it. I personally hate it b/c it is confusing.

              And yes, as a former national supply geek, I can tell you a lot of folks have little to no scouting experience. Just looka t some fo the stupid stuff that supply has sold inthe past few years, i.e the Arrow Light pewter belt buckle for the leather belts.