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Getting an Interpreter Strip in a "new" language

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    There's a new one out: [ -- --- .-. ... . ] (Yes, it's official and I have it.)


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      Wow, cool. When you carried on your 5-minute conversation, how many words (roughly) were conveyed? Is there any words-per-minute requirement?


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        Yes, at 20 wpm (which is what I did for my current license) that would be about 100 words. No, there's no speed requirement.


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          Correction to the above. I understand there is a minimum 5 wpm requirement.


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            I looked at some of the spoof merit badges there and while most of them are pretty silly, I could almost be tempted to lay down $1.80 for the "Canadian Heritage Merit Badge." Not to wear it, of course, just to have it, mainly because it looks cool. Somewhere along the line my father picked up a Canadian Scouting green beret, which I now have (but don't wear.)

            Someone actually gave me the Klingon Dictionary once. (I think it was my wife.) I think it had a cassette with it (that's how long this ago this was, it was probably sometime after the third Star Trek movie (which had Christopher Lloyd and John Laroquette doing a lot of talking in Klingon) came out, so more than 20 years ago.) I think I listened to it and/or read it for about 10 minutes and never got back to it. (Thanks Dear, you couldn't get me a tie instead? Not that I would ever actually say anything like that to my wife, not unless I was looking for trouble.) So I doubt I would qualify for the Klingon interpreter strip.

            I also think the Lenni Lenape interpreter strip is cool, but I wouldn't get that one unless I knew the language. Wouldn't seem very respectful otherwise. But to go back to the top of my post, how about a "Canadian" interpreter strip? After all, I know the language spoken by the majority of Canadians, as long as I steer clear of Quebec. (My wife and I were in Quebec briefly once, until we noticed that all the signs that had been in both English and French were suddenly just in French, and we decided to make it a short visit before turning the car around and going back to Ottawa.) I have even sung along with their national anthem once or twice... off key, as my family likes to point out.