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All Blue Cards ok?

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  • All Blue Cards ok?

    Just discovered a bunch of Scouts filled out 1991 printing Blue Cards. There were also a few 2003 cards that got filled out.

    Does anyone know if it matters? Are older cards considered obsolete?

    We have since gotten a new package of Blue Cards from the Scout Store and tossed all the older ones.


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    If the cards ask for the same information now as today, it stands to reason they'd be fine.


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      Blue cards usually reside with the troop; Council never really sees them. Council gets an advancement report based on signed blue cards, so I'd say old blue cards are fine if they suit your troop's purposes. I believe use of blue cards may not even be required!


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        Yah, it's just paperwork, SMT224.

        Don't let it get in da way of program. If the lads earned the badge, they earned the badge.



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          SMT224, I was a scout in the 1980's. I am now an adult leader. I haven't noticed any changes in the blue cards that are used to day from the one's that I used almost 30 years ago. Hope that helps.


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            This thread reminded me of a funny "Blue Card Story". About 20 years ago in the pre-internet, pre-download age one of our troop dads overheard me grumbling about the fact that council was charging .05 per blue card. (Yep, for an APPLICATION!) He asked me "Can I take one of those?" Turned out he worked for a local printing company and the next week brought back a stack of 500 of 'em, all ready to go!

            Fast forward about 3 years: A staffer at camp loudly proclaims to us (and others) that our blue cards are COUNTERFEIT! It took 3 years for someone to notice (or even care) that there were no perforations! The staffer raised a stink about it; all over camp, to the CD and the DE. They just chuckled and dismissed it, as well they should have, but that staffer wound up on our permanent s**t list, which is a place ya just DON'T want to be!

            That stack is long gone, but the old-timers still talk about that time! Fond memories.


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              Considering that more and more camps and activities are not using blue cards at all, I can't see how as it matters at all.