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If a Tree Curses in the forest and there's no one around...

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  • If a Tree Curses in the forest and there's no one around...

    Once upon a time, I worked for a master carpenter. He was an older fellow. Although he used powertools and was a "production" carpenter, he could cut roof rafters by hand on the ground from the measurements his partner called down to him from the second floor and the angles would be true, they would fit close and neat; every one.
    Me, I was a 'helper' , a gofer. I knew which end of a hammer to hold.
    But I listened. And watched...

    One day, we had put up a stud wall and after looking at it critically the old fellow said, "nah, that ain't right." He took out his tape and we measured and compared and measured. Finally we discovered that the wall was about an inch out of line from the bluprint. No problem, we just adjust the ceiling and floor a little. After the plaster and paint are up, who'll know?

    Said the old fellow as we tore the wall down to the joists:

    "I'd know".

    What do YOU know?

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    Nice post. That reminds me of another saying:

    If a man said something in a forest and no woman heard him, would he still be wrong?


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      Reminds me of my dad teaching me about craftsmanship. One of the examples he used were the stonecutters who worked on the gargoyles on medieval cathedrals. Hundreds of feet in the air, these amazing sculptures are finely detailed including on their backs where no one would ever see them. Except, of course, for the craftsman and his God ...


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        Or my Drill Instructor (Senior Drill Instructor Staff Sergeant Ryan!) who never told me my rifle was CLEAN but rather that It could be put away for now.

        Having held more than a few inspections myself - It has been extremely rare that I have ever held a CLEAN (or at least couldn't find anything) rifle. Carbon gets everywhere when you shoot those things.