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  • Vintage Wearable Uniform Help

    Greetings all,

    My son loves BSA history. He has recently brought a resurgence of interest in BSA history by wearing an old garrison cap to the meetings. So much so that he and a few other boys would like to represent a a 40's-50's troop at the next scout expo. I have tried to find vintage uniforms online that would fit my son, but at 16, 6'5" and 200, it is an impossible task. I have thought about making one, and I do have a small uniform that I can take apart, but I hate to do that. Also, sanfordized cotton is really expensive and I have thus far only been able to find it in black.

    Any suggestions?

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    You likely can use any comfortable material, as long as you model the design after the vintage style, and have the correct color. For his size, you may have no other choice; but they do show up on eBay in larger sizes. But, they also tend to get pricey if they are complete and have anything collectible on them.

    But, someone on this board may point you in the right direction. You might consider reposting in the collecting thread, or the uniform thread, just to get more viewings.


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      At the national parade last year, I saw a pack marching in "vintage" CS uniforms. I say "vintage" because they were actually reporductions. They went so far as to get the SE's permission to get a company to make the old yellow and blue numbers, and old wolf, bear, lion, and WeBeLos badges.

      Looked sharp too I might add.

      I know that Ebay has been my friend for finding my wife her 1950s Den Mother Uniform dress and insignia. I admit it's a little short on her, and she plans to wear leggings with it.


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        for the size you need (Wow!), perhaps you could find a 50s Scoutmaster's uniform (or Junior Assistant Scoutmaster's) and adapt/modify it as needed. The hard part would be adding the front pocket flaps with the red piping at the edges
        The summer uniform -- Scout shorts and short sleeve shirt -- had little difference aside from the patches
        Don't forget the economy sized neckerchief; it was a rectangle that the Scout folded on the diagonal


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          "Vintage" military uniforms seem like they'd be fairly close -- try s&ST=2+pocket