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  • Scoutmaster Emeritus

    Does anyone know of where I might locate patches/certificates etc for the instalation of a Scoutmaster to Emeritus status? IS this positon unofficial to BSA or one that has been created by us rank and file guys? As you might guess our scoutmaster of 35 years has stepped down and we need to redefine his role as the new scoutmaster takes over.

    Also has anyone a ceremony or oath for the swearing in of a Scoutmaster?

    As you must know this is a critical time for a very active troop. Any thoughts or $.02es are welcome.

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    It's not an official position, as far as I know, but I like the idea! Perhaps a "rocker" patch which says "EMERITUS" to fit under the "Scoutmaster" (or other position) patch. I have seen patches on eBay made like the "TRAINED" strip which read "RETIRED", "OVERTRAINED", "UNTRAINABLE", etc., but these are unofficial and unauthorized for uniform wear.


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      I've created an Emeritus arc that can be worn below any 3" round patch. You can see the patch on It is in the middle several rows down. If interested, you can find my email on the web site.
      I also have customized certificates that I will modify to meet any needs. That web page is
      Hope this helps.


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        Actually, there is a retired strip that is official, but restricted.


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          When I stepped down as crew advisor to become the CC/COR the crew took an Advisors patch to a local embroidery company and had "Emeritus" sewn on in gold thread. It is not official but I treasure it all the same. When I go on trips with the crew I sometimes put it in a plastic temporary patch holder and wear it on the front pocket, the teens love seeing me wear it.

          You could do the same thing on a scoutmaster patch, even though it is not official, unless you have a bunch of uniform police in your troop, lol.


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            Good idea but the stitching is not centered. That can be okay but I like things that look properly designed.


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              I don't know about what you are talking about, my emeritus advisor patch stitching is perfectly centered. I assume they could do the same thing on the SM patch, and it looks a whole lot nicer than a seperate strip running below the patch. Different strokes I guess.


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                Sorry, I was thinking that it would be of center with the word Scoutmaster but that is not true if Emeritus is sewn on the opposite end (top or bottom) of Scoutmaster.
                Excuse me.


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                  Personally, I don't think it would be an insult to wear an ASM patch as a previous SM. Two of the three previous SM's from our troop did just that. If anything, it's a relief to be able to step back into the ASM job and let someone else take all the heat...


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                    The Scoutmaster Emeritus patch is the Unit Commissioner or other district leadership patch.


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                      The Scoutmaster Emeritus patch is the Unit Commissioner or other district leadership patch.

                      No, it's not. I've been a UC and a ADC.From experience, both positions are like a death sentence if you enjoy being a unit Scouter.

                      If you don't want to be tied to a unit anymore, go for it. Be a district or council Scouter. You don't have to wait until your kids age out. You don't even need to have been a Scoutmaster. Some of the best UC's I've seen came out of Committee positions, since shuffling paperwork is 90% of the job...

                      If a unit Scouter wishes to stay in a contact position after stepping back from the SM position, you'd be a fool not to let them stay on as an ASM, even if they aren't going to be as active. You can never have too much experience available to pull from, regardless of what their patch says.(This message has been edited by Eolesen)


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                        If a unit wants to honor a long serving Scoutmaster, I wouldn't stand in their way.

                        But that experience is probably used more effectively elsewhere than burying it in a unit. New leaders need the opportunity to develop their own program, and having the old SM hanging around is a common impediment to new leadership.


                        It's certainly different than being a unit Scouter, and sorry if it didn't work out for you. But it might well be an excellent place for a former SM to provide service to Scouting.