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Hello from outside Philly!

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  • Hello from outside Philly!

    I wrote my first introductory post on here a few months ago, hours before "The Great Reset." It seems like the forum has stabilized somewhat, so I'll try officially saying "Hello" again.

    I re-joined Scouting a few years ago when my oldest son entered first grade. By the end of the year, the CM was so completely burned out he took a re-deployment to Iraq instead of re-upping. Nobody else was stepping up to take the job, so I fell on that sword. My wife was lobbying to move to the other Pack in our town. This fall she got her wish: My DE approached me because that Pack had no leadership to step up, so now I'm CM of that pack too! (We meet as one, but file two sets of paperwork.)

    Between the two units we've got about 50 boys, which I think is about right. I'm getting parents to get more involved and step up as leaders (finally) which is good, but I still don't have 100% of the dens covered or all the committee positions filled. That's my top priority this year. I've got 7 of my unit's parents who signed up to serve as volunteer leaders at my District's evening camp next week, so I'm optimistic that I'll come away from there with more leadership.

    My other priority is to work with the young Troop that shares a CO with one of my Packs to get them down the path to boy leadership. The current SM is running the Troop like a Pack, and he's getting burned out. Every time I see him, he asks me when my son is moving up.

    As for my history, I was a Cub Scout and Eagle as a youth, then went on to work at my Council's Summer Camp for a few years. After college, work kept me too busy to be involved with a Scouting unit (my record was 320 nights in hotel rooms when I was 28). I'm happy to be back in Scouting, giving back what my leaders gave me when I was younger.

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    Originally posted by TSS_Chris View Post
    (We meet as one, but file two sets of paperwork.)
    Now, that is some kind of crazy.

    Welcome again!


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      I am in Bucks County Council. Which summer camp were you on staff?


      • TSS_Chris
        TSS_Chris commented
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        I grew up in Chester County Council and worked mostly at Horseshoe ('88-'92 if memory serves me correctly, which increasingly it doesn't...). I also worked for a traveling camp put on by Penn State for two years prior to that which took me to Rodney and Broad Creek.

        I'm in Cradle of Liberty these days. Maybe see you at one of the Philly Scout Days this fall.

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      I loved Camp Horseshoe as a kid. It is quite possible. I've been to Hart with my Pack, and Crew a few times so far. I grew up in the old Philadelphia Council and worked at TI.


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        My district's former DE is your Director of Development (think that is his title). He was a great pro for us.....your council is lucky to have him.


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          Originally posted by AlamanceScouter View Post
          My district's former DE is your Director of Development (think that is his title). He was a great pro for us.....your council is lucky to have him.
          I met Mark at an Area Membership conference in March 2012. I was tabling for Alpha Phi Omega and he told me how he had advised the Elon chapter and helping with Scoutreach work.


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            Mark served as my district's DE for about a year before he got his latest promotion. He was a fantastic DE. We were sorry to lose him, but I he is doing a great job for the Council as Development Director.

            I'm hoping he stays with the BSA and ends up as CSE sooner rather than later.