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  • New Leader here...

    I'm a new Leader with a pack in NY. I have taken all the online courses offered by the GNYC including fast start, new leader essientials, and youth protection and well as a host of other electives. At the end of each online segment there was a quiz given, and based on your score you were given a certificate. If you did not score well enough, the course had to be retaken.

    My question is.....Are these online courses good enough to be considered "TRAINED" and now can I now put the patch on my uniform, or do I still have to physically take a class at a physical location rather then online. Thank you for your replies.

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    To earn the training strip in Cub Scouting you must complete Basic Training which includes New Leader Essentials and Leader Specific Taining for your role in the pack. For instance as a Wolf or Bear Den leader you would need to take New Leader Essentials and Den Leader Specific Training.

    Neither the National BSA Learning Center or the GNYC offer these courses on line, so at this point in time they would have to be attended in person in order to complete your Basic Training and wear the Trained strip.

    The FastStart courses and Youth Protection can be found on line along with other supplementary courses and and they are approved by the BSA as official BSA training and your particiaption in them is recognized as valid training experiences.(This message has been edited by Bob White)


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      To go along with Bob White: Contact your local Council to find out when you can take the classes you need. In our Council we have trainers that will come out to your unit and run a class. If you do this, please pass the word to other units in your area. The more the merrier. Since our unit is in a rurral area, we have hosted New Leader Essentials, and Cub Leader Specific last summer, and again this spring. My thoughts are to get any new leaders trained before fall. Most our units do not have any summer program. This gives these new trained leaders time to (hopefully) pre-plan several meetings to hit the ground running in the fall when school starts up again. Also if you can not attend training in your Council, you may be on the border of another Council. You do not have to be trained in your own Council.


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        Thanks for all the input guys. I will be taking New Leader Essentials this Thursday, but I have to wait until fall for the scout specific. I guess I'm just going to have to wait. I tried contacting a few councils that are close to me, but they all seem to offer these classes in the early fall.


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          If you are leading or attending a summer scout camp some councils also make training available there. Leaders at our council made this suggeston and I've noticed that at each resident camp session this summer training is avainlable. Also consider BALOO training. All packs need someone BALOO trained if they want to do any camping. You can never have too many BALOO trained adults. Also to consider if your council offers it: Cold weather training, leader college and Pack trainer seminars. If there are any Pow-wows in the area look into that as well.


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            It is good to see a new Leader who actually wants to be 'Trained'. It is not required for any leader positions (just Youth Protection), although it probably ought to be. The things you learn in Leader Specific can make the difference between a den that suceeds or a den that just gets by (got plenty of those in my Pack). If you are a Bear or a Webelos Leader consider Outdoor Webelos Leader Training (OWL), it is the same concept as BALOO just geared up for older boys.

            I have always tried to get as much training as possible, I feel that is important to the sucess of the boys. When dealing with young boys there isn't really too much training.