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    New Leader here...

    Thanks for all the input guys. I will be taking New Leader Essentials this Thursday, but I have to wait until fall for the scout specific. I guess I'm just going to have to wait. I tried contacting a few councils that are close to me, but they all seem to offer these classes in the early fall.
  2. mrsea718

    New Leader here...

    I'm a new Leader with a pack in NY. I have taken all the online courses offered by the GNYC including fast start, new leader essientials, and youth protection and well as a host of other electives. At the end of each online segment there was a quiz given, and based on your score you were given a certificate. If you did not score well enough, the course had to be retaken. My question is.....Are these online courses good enough to be considered "TRAINED" and now can I now put the patch on my uniform, or do I still have to physically take a class at a physical location rather then online. Thank you for your replies.