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What Makes Good Pack Meetings?

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    I don't doubt for a minute that a talented person can get great results leading a song. My experience is that the average den leader doesn't care much for leading songs, usually does a poor job of choosing and rehearsing songs.

    Songs are likely to be better than skits, though, especially for Tiger Cubs and Wolves.

    Just out of curiosity--- how did your Tiger Cub den do with skits this past year?


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      They did fantastic, they did the bubblegum skit. We only do one den skit per pack meeting, our wolfs did a skit for pinewood derby that involved making cardboard box race cars and they raced them and had pit crews


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        Skits can work if the den practices a few times. The point is getting the boys up in front of a crowd. Magic shows are great. There is a Cub Scout magic book I got used on amazon for about $5. Can be a simple as tying a knot in a rope by crossing your arms and grabbing the ends. The songs that get the whole pack involved are the best. The BSA needs to put more videos online of stuff like this instead of charging for CDs and DVDs.


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          << We have a den leader who loves to sing songs with the kids and it goes over very well and most songs are do as I do say as I say. >>

          What about the OTHER den leaders?


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            My kids hate it when I read to them, much less try to sing. We did some songs this year but it was really just to check off electives. I love how the book assumes you know the "tune" they are sung to. Even some mp3s of the songs would be nice.

            BS leader training was full of songs, but they were the follow along, do as I say songs. Those work better with boys. You know flap your arms shake your foot hokey pokey type.

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          Lets face it not every Den Leader is a singer we all have our strong points. Me if I tried to sing it would sound some where between a dying moose and a water buffaloes mating call and that's being nice. But there will always be those Den leaders who can stand up there and get the kids to sing.


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            Pack Meetings ARE all about showmanship ... whether it is with competition, skits, songs, or awards, it's how you interact with the Scouts. Keep the meetings lively, engaging, and interesting (these are for the Cubs, not the parents). We have a monthly theme and the Pack Meeting sticks with the theme ... songs, jokes, and activities. We will open with a flag ceremony and go into "role call" (always loud and boisterous) and straight into a song ... usually brining the parents and leaders in, as well. Sometimes we will have the Dens talk about what they did, sometimes we will focus on the theme.
            There will be a physical activity (relay race, obstacle course, game, etc) combining the Dens (as has been mentioned earlier, this is a Pack event, mix up the Dens, let the Scouts get to know everyone else) run by the Cubmaster and Den Leaders (siblings invited, parents stay behind). Following this is the "downward" trend for the meeting (settling them down), such as presenting advancements ... all other awards are presented at the Den Meetings (we learned a long time ago, it is too easy to turn a Pack meeting into a BORING awards show). At the end, the CM will actually sit down and have a "personal" chat with the Scouts as his Cubmaster minute .. this is directed to the Scouts, and should have the Cub Scouts' full attention. Then close.

            Big thing to remember, make the Pack Meeting all about the Cub Scouts and keeping them engaged. Any announcements which need to be made, have the CC make them during the activity when the Cubs are otherwise engaged. This has worked for us for the last few years.