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  • Biggest Pack

    So what's the biggest pack that you know about?

    Any idea how they account for their success and manage their size?

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    Pack 212 in Louisville, KY which is chartered by megachurch Southeast Christian. They also charter AHG and Boy Scouts. I am not sure of their membership numbers. To give you an idea of their size, last year they sold $64,000 in popcorn. The 2nd highest sales were at $25,000. Unfortunately, they announced the church will not renew their charter in Dec 2013. My friend told me the church elders had voted to close the program years ago and they are just now getting around to it. I heard a rumor last week the church may shut the BSA programs down sooner based on the vote in May.

    Not too sure on how they account for their success other than the church's membership is around 30,000. I guess it doesn't matter too much on their management style since they will cease to exist at the end of the year........

    SP, if you want more details on their unit, please PM me and I will contact my girlfriend. She has two scout sons (Cub and BS) and an AHG daughter at Southeast.


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      around 120 last I heard. they are successful, I've been to a couple of their Pack meetings, great fun. I don't really know the nuts and bolts of it though.


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        The Pack we just crossed over from was about 120. Lots of energetic volunteers. Fun activities. Camp twice a year. Patches for all the events. An entertaining CM helps a lot. Raise the cash and spend it.


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          We have around 12 packs in our town (population around 30k) and the membership in the larger packs are around 50-60, with one that topped out at around 90 last year. There are 4 large packs out of the 12. The others are more like 12-30 kids each.


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            Sons pack was about 60 scouts plus registered adults. Camped twice a year, entertaining and engaging Pack meetings. Summer program of at least 6-8 events. We happened to have all male den leaders. We made money selling popcorn and spent it. $35k one year. Bought a new whiz bang pinewood derby track, software, and projector. Hosted the district Pinewood derby. Pack bought and maintained tools and held at least 3 workshops prior to derby. Big B&G banquet. Mostly it was the leaders. Cubmaster moved on after 7 years along with 4 den leaders who had been activitly planning and managing lots of the activites. Membership dropped by half. New adults came along and within in a two years they were back up in numbers. It is all about the adult leaders. Word gets out that a Pack has it going on. People will drive long distances to be in an active pack.