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Sick of the haters

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  • Sick of the haters

    I could just retch....I wanted to post some pictures to our packs Facebook page ( closed group) and one parent has decided that this is the appropriate forum to voice their unhappiness with the national policies on the whole gay eagle thing....where the gay scout was not given his award after not believing in god and being gay.....
    Several members are in a knot about it and its gotten nasty on fb...which we only started the page to share pics from camp and when the kids are doing scouting events.....

    As the administrator I know I can pull the plug on the whole thing. Has anyone had something come up like this?

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    I would delete the nasty posts and remind the parents it is about the boys.

    I would warn the waring parties to cool it or they will be removed from the group.


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      Definitely drop the irrelevant posts.

      Remind people that their boys are listening.

      The page is intended to praise your youth. Unless the boys are bringing up the issue in a constructive manner -- regardless of if they are for or against anything in particular -- policy discussions are irrelevant.


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        Momleader, Do what the other fellows have suggested. Or...dump the whole facebook thing completely. You could maybe try another photo-sharing site like photo bucket or picasa. Facebook seems to be turning into a political rant site more and more, particularly coming from those with the type of agenda you are describing.


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          As someone who views Facebook with great suspicion, I nevertheless think that whatever the stuff that is posted there, the underlying feelings are going to be there regardless. And while you may be able to cut off access to a forum, you can't control those feelings. So would you rather they go 'underground' where you have no control at all, and little or no idea what's being said? If so, pull the plug.
          At this point, also keep in mind that the action of terminating the page or deleting posts is also a statement and sends a message to the whole group. If you take that action, you should 'be prepared' to explain why to everyone.


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            It's a closed group, and the discussion is outside the scope of the group. Come down hard, and come down on both sides. If anyone want's to discuss politics, point them to an appropriate venue for that. Announcements, pictures, information, and the occasional recruiting push should be all there is, never use your Pack's "Official" on-line presence to become a mouthpiece for either side of the political spectrum. Heck, give the "offender" a link to forums if they want to engage.


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              It's happened with our Troop FB page. I just delete the posts and send them a brief message, "Take it outside, not here. Thank you." Seems to do the trick. Very few problems now.