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Troop partnering versus shopping ?

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    MAKE THOSE CALLS!!!!!!!!!!

    Yep screaming this time around, gotta keep on top of them until they come to the first activity and are hooked


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      I would definitely make those calls to remind the boys of the meeting. You could make it a reminder call and just checking in to see if they had any questions you could help answer regarding the program.

      Calling them makes them feel more connected and that someone actually cares if they are there or not which can make all the difference.

      I had the same reaction with Cub Scout parents who didn't show up to our recruitment night but filled out an interest form. I didn't get the interest forms until the recruitment night from the school so I couldn't call beforehand. I called afterwards to the 11 parents who filled it out but didn't show and i got 3-4 more out of that group to join our Packs.


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        Got 4 more last night....apps and paid....had more high level of interest from 20 or so more.

        I have doubled the size of the troop with 3 nights of investment.....

        We are going to need to change the format of Septembers campout to new scouts first outing... Should be fun....


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          OH CRAP.....

          We don't have enough tents......What a fantastic problem to have. going to have to sort out the patrol boxes too.... I wonder what the PLC is doing tonight.


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            I am absolutely 100% in favor of a Pack and a Troop from the same COR having a tight knit relationship.

            As CM (An now Pack CC/COR) I probably call our troop's SM more often than anyone except my wife. Our units work very closely together, and I'm looking forward to improving that relationship even more, once we have some older boys who want to be Den Chiefs. (New Troop, the oldest of the boys are still very much needed as SPL/ASPL/PLs... But within a year or two, I expect some of them to be looking for more challenges.

            If I had my way about it, the Pack and Troop would be considered a single unit, with a single committee. One set of Leaders to work with the Cubs, one set to work with the Boy Scouts, and both of them work with the Webelos.


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              The relationship between our pack and the COR's troop was pretty frosty when my first son joined six years ago. It's since improved to the point where one or our former DLs is their CC and our former CM is likely to be the next SM.

              Despite that recent connection, our pack continues the tradition of encouraging Webelos and their parents to visit with as many troops in our area as time permits. When it comes to introducing the pack's Cubs to Boy Scouting we've invited all the troops in the area to provide Scouts for Den Chiefs and to attend our pack meetings to do presentations for the boys and assist at our events.

              We support our COR and work with the troop at COR events. But there's no sense of obligation to focus all the pack's attention on any one troop. The relationship with our neighbors is definately not frosty anymore, but they are just one among equals when it comes to troops in our area. In the end it's where the Webelos Scout and his friends find they want to go.

              I'm going to put in a plug for attending Roundtable, because it's been my experience that it's there that the pack and troop leaders have an opportunity to meet each other and set in motion what may lead to a den crossing over into their troop. YMMV.


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                [deleted duplicate post](This message has been edited by JustAnotherScouter)


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                  In rereading the thread.....

                  I have to agree with Fred that the troops spend way more effort recruiting webelos than the Packs do recruiting new cubs.

                  Pack Recruitment
                  A flyer, A boy Talk and A sign up night.

                  Troop recruiting from Pack....

                  Hosting Pack Campouts

                  Hosting Webelos den campouts

                  Helping with Pinewood derby, blue and gold or any old thing the Pack thinks they need help with.

                  Providing den chiefs...

                  Providing Camping gear for the pack to camp out then having to clean it up afterwards.

                  Now all relationships are not created equal for sure.....


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                    The packs have 5 years invested in the Web.


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                      Heh, heh! Here's evidence of how completely Basement has exchanged his blue tabs for red ones!


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                        Ya know seattle....Earlier in the thread I told the OP if the Pack is too demanding they can take a flying leap.

                        It is harder to recruit boy scouts...There are many more activities available for the Music, sports, the fumes, jobs.....

                        Many Troop level scouters are lazy and don't bother to actively recruit....

                        The troop Pack relationship is a two way street not one way like many of the Cub leaders think.....

                        I still contend that the Adults screw up scouting.


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                          While I am all for visiting the brother troop and doping things with them, each is different,and sometimes the situation is different.

                          While my son will be doing things with the CO's troop, I will also encourage him to look around as well. The troop is now having some challenges. I've mentioned some of them in other posts, but after a conversation I had, I am definitely encouraging him to look around.

                          Kinda sad when a former SPL and Eagle candidate says he may switch units because of what is going on in a troop. Has tried to advise the current SPL, and told the SM exactly what is wrong with the troop during his SMC for Eagle.

                          Really sad thing is this, if the soon to be Eagle does move to another troop, and my my old den finds out, they may not consider the CO's troop at all since the Eagle candidate was their den chief.


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                            Around here the push is cub recruitment, with the support of the DE. Troops do an single open house, if they do that. (But their doors are always open for visits.) Webelos leaders have to work pretty hard to get meaningful visits and events in. Half the Webelos boys choose not to bridge. Then the first and second year scout attrition rates are high.

                            Very few den leaders attend roundtables, so they do not develop relationships outside of the Pack. They will tend to look closely at the troops where the pack graduates bridged.

                            Most packs are centered at a school and are chartered by a "Friends of" organization. Most Troops are chartered by a church or fraternal organization. Relationships are less formal and there is not much help going back and forth.

                            -- AK