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  • BSA Organizational Chart

    Hi All!,

    Could any of you scout experts lend me a hand. I am very new to Cub Scouting. I have been asked to be committee chair .... I know serious role for a new person ... the old committee chair is training me. It seems no one in our pack knows at district and council what the organizational chart looks like. I would like to hand one out with our districts and councils information..... but I'll be darned if I can find and org chart anywhere.... does someone know the org of district and council.... general not specific... sorta like a chain of command kinda thing.

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    I'm not sure why you would need a generic organizational chart. If you want to know who to go to for what at your council, you would be better off with a listing specific to your council with contact info.

    Every council is set up a bit differently, but this is how mine is put together -

    Scout Executive / CEO
    Asst Scout Executive
    Field Director
    District Executives
    Office Manager
    Program Services

    Check out your council's website. They might have an employee listing or contact page. If the website does not have all of the info, give them a call. I am sure they would be happy to help!

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      Not all websites are created equal. That being said, our council website has a page for each district with the name, phone number and e-mail address for every district level position. The same is true at the council level.


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        I have the contact name and position..... I just don't know the chain of command ... on several sites (web) there is a cub scout organizational chart but not for district or council level.

        I am new so I don't know ... If I were asked to do one for the company I work for .... no problem because I know the contacts and what the chain of command is.... see my problem

        Thank you!

        Sorry I am so duhhhhh! .... Any help would be appreciated!


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          maybe a picure would help
          Pack Committee
          Cub Master
          Asst. Cub Master
          Den Leaders
          Asst. Den Leaders
          Den Chief

          I hope this helps explain what I need...... I want to lay it out in this format with all the contact from our district and our council ... so I can orgainize it in my head...

          Thanks to all!


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            If you pm me your e-mail address, I will send you the organizational charts we use in my council's commissioner basic training. It might not be totaly specific to your council, but it would be close.
            David Harrison
            Council Commissioner
            Lake Huron Area Council


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              Thank you! I have sent you a PM.

              Thank you again.


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                I still think it would be more useful, & easier, to simply call your council & ask them.

                You also did not specifiy if you wanted the volunteers or just the professionals & council employees.

                Your council would be able to tell you that info also.

                Getting the correct info directly from your council is much better, IMO, than getting info from another council.

                Trust me, your council will be glad to help you. They are not allowed to yell or bite!


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                  I'm gonna make a wild guess here and assume you haven't been trained yet for your new job? If not, take a look at the Pack Committee Fast Start, then take New Leader Essentials and Pack Committee Leader Specific Training.

                  Those three courses will answer your questions about the relationship between your unit and the district & council. You will also learn much about your role on the Committee and your relationship to the COR and CM.

                  Welcome to Scouting and to the Forums!

                  Fred Goodwin
                  (former CC after one year as a Tiger DL!)


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                    Don't forget the commissioners! Your unit commissioner should be on the unit org chart (usually with a dashed line) as your link to the district.


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                      First the answer I think most are looking for:


                      Note, its from the BSA website, but I saw an Organizational Chart for a Troop that just about caused a fist fight at the University of Scouting I was at. I can't duplicate the graphics here so I will do what I can, it ran like this

                      District Chair

                      Seems a few people got upset that the scout was listed first, others saw it as the way it should be. I think the link is what you are looking for, but remember who it is we serve which is not who we always answer to(This message has been edited by OldGreyEagle)


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                        I'm a little unsure which chart you are looking for?
                        The link OGE has provided does a good job of showing how a pack should be /might be set up.
                        If you want to find out more about the District, Council, Area, Regional and National organization attending the Trainings and reading the materials on the web sites and in your local Service Center will help.
                        One sure way to find out who is who and who does what? is to attend your District Monthly Roundtable meeting.
                        There you should get to meet the people in the District that are the people who are in the know and who are known for making things happen.
                        You might want to get the name and number of your District Training Chairman. If you call your Council Service Center they should be able to provide it.


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                          I agree wholeheartedly with Fred Goodwin and Eamonn!!!

                          Mr/Ms Robbyynn, please, go online and take:
                          Fast Start Training for Cub Scouting
                          Youth Protection Training

                          Through your District or online, take New Leader Essentials.

                          Through your District or Council, take Position Specific Training for Cub Scouting (Pack Committee option).

                          Now, as far as organization goes:

                          Some agency (church, club, business) licenses Scouting from the Local Council to be run in your area. That agency is called the Chartered Partner. They are your "First line supervisor," as they, not you, OWN THE LICENSE!

                          Your role, as the Pack Committee Chair, is to implement Cub Scouting on their behalf, by being the support side manager of the Pack. You are hired and/or fired (hopefully not) by the Chartered Partner, in the persons of the Executive Officer (another term: Institutional Head) and his day to day Scouting person, the Chartered Organization Representative. You are responsible for the operations of:
                          - Treasurer
                          - Advancement and Membership Coordinator
                          - Newsletter Coordinator
                          - Transportation Coordinator
                          - Pack Trainer (some units make this part of the CM's job description)
                          - Any other jobs which need to be done people. (Hint: Many hands make the work more bite size and help convince more parents to help!)

                          Your peer on the program side is the Cubmaster. He, like you, is hired and fired by the Chartered Partner, through the Exec. Officer (IH) and the COR. The Cubmaster is responsible FOR THE PROGRAM of the Pack. Normally Usually Generally Most of the Time that means the monthly Pack meetings, Day Camp, and and pack-wide Family Overnights.

                          Reporting to the Cubmaster are the Den Leaders. They are the first line program delivery people, meeting with the boys week in/week out throughout the school year, and at selected activities throughout the summer.

                          Don't forget parents in Cub Scouting: Through the Bear year, parents are the ones who should be doing much of the signing off on the Advancement Plan.

                          BTW: Den Chiefs are Boy Scouts or Venturers who provide support and assistance to the DEN LEADERS. Do not confuse these young men by making them responsible to multiple people. They serve the Den, are responsible to the Den Leader, and accountable back to their Scoutmasters.

                          Come to think of it, that's another training you should attend: Den Chiefs! You want to know what kind of resource they can be, and you want your Den Leaders to get the most out of them. In a perfect world, even an experienced DL will take the time to attend Den Chief Training with his Den Chief, to help the two of them become one leadership team.

                          BTW, welcome to the campfire!(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)


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                            Thank you to everyone for all the usefull information.
                            A little background on our situation might be helpfull to all.

                            Our Charter Orgainization could care less about us..... We talked about leaving the CO. However, as I understand things they own all our equipment and our money.... so, if we go elsewhere the church would have to say we can take our equipment and money if we left. The scout locker that we keep our equipment in at the church is such poor repair that we have offered to fix it and they told us no.... they were considering tearing it down.... which leaves us with no where to keep our equipment. Our COR is in name only. In other words his name is listed on our charter but we don't know who he is. We have never met him... the church has had some drama recently and is kinda in turmoil.

                            I have taken the fast start training and the youth protection training offered online. I will be going to our council's University of Scouting in January.

                            I did contact our District Director for a copy of the org chart via e-mail. He replied and agreed to fax me a copy of the chart.

                            Once again thank you to everyone for all the helpfull information.


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                              Sadly, your CO sounds all too typical. But someone had to sign the adult applications -- and they should be signed by the COR. So perhaps the COR isn't seen much, but at a minimum, you should see your COR once a year to sign the applications of new adult leaders.

                              Finally, UoS is great, but it doesn't replace pack committee training. Good luck.