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Blue and Gold centerpiece idea

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  • Blue and Gold centerpiece idea

    I told our committee that the Webelos would make a centerpiece for the Blue and Gold banquet. I have had on average 2 boys show up per meeting and neither of them have any ideas on what they would like to make. So, I am in need of some ideas. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    What theme are you going with?


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      kittle, search these forums. I know similar threads were around last year - my guess is, >> every year.

      Are you going with "Cubs in the Future" as a theme?
      Do you want generic blue and gold?

      In a nut shell, here's a quick idea that was explained in detail last year.

      glue a 1/2 styrofoam ball to a square base. (easy to cut a styrofoam ball in half, but be careful -- a ceramic tile makes a great base)

      Cut blue and gold colored cocktail napkins (?maybe a dozen of each color for a 6 inch ball?) into quarters.

      Have the Cubs randomly pin the colored squares into the ball until it's jammed up like a chrysanthemum. When pinning be sure to pin the squares into the ball without pinning down other "petals" - just hold them up out of the way. We used stick pins of the opposite color, but they mostly get lost in the puff of blue and gold color.

      For added detail, use pipe cleaners to form the Pack's Number (or this year's date)and push those down into the top of the styrofoam.

      good luck



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        Our B/G was tonight. We had theme "Cubs in the Future" - not sure all the tables followed that theme, but here's what our den (Bears) did:

        Each boy in our den painted a t-shirt with a scene of camping on the moon - they turned out terrific. Then we painted one more t-shirt, XL, that we used as our table centerpiece. We used a cardboard t-shirt form inside and stood the t-shirt up on the table. Really cool. But our den actually stretched out over several tables, so on the others, we made alien space helmets from metal colanders. Stuck metallic pipe cleaners and beads/jingle bells everywhere from the colanders. Wild and neat. Used plain blue and plain yellow construction paper as placemats and put crayons on the table for fun. Also had little cups of M&Ms for the boys (and sibs) - called it Astronaut Space Food (with a note that said brown was the steak, green was the salad, etc.). Wrapped the cups in blue and yellow tissue paper. We had a take-home surprise for the boys: I made each of them a spaceship with their name on it. Took 2 old (AOL) CDs, glued them back-to-back. Glue 1/2 styrofoam ball onto center of one side, then 3 very small styrofoam balls on the other side (landing gear). Decorated the top side with sequins glued on to look like lights on the spaceship. Then wrote their name with gold metallic paint pen around the dome. Boys were really surprised.

        Another den made a spaceship out of 2 metal pie pans sandwiched together, holes punched in the sides and blinking Christmas lights poked through. Hole in center, with toilet paper Cub Scout astronaut. Alas, they won 1st place (we were a proud 2nd place!).

        One den had a nice blue and yellow flower arrangement - nothing fancy at all, just mums and daisies.

        Let us know if your theme is not "Cubs in the Future" - maybe we'll be able to come up with more ideas for you and your boys.


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          Our theme is "Cubs in the Future". I really liked the idea of painting t-shirts, but I am not going into anything that requires that much work. I would end up doing most of the work. I am going to print up the ideas and see what the boys want from it. If none of them show up tommorrow, I will make something and forget about it.

          I am glad this is my last year in Cub Scouting, at least for 2 years. I am ready for the break.


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            We are doing the "Future" thing, too. We are using an assortment of old boxes & toilet paper tubes to make rockets and robots. Taking some aluminum foil to cover the boxes, construction paper for control panels, wiggle eyes, pipe cleaners for antenna, ...

            What about candy clay? You can make all kinds of things with it, it handles much like Play-Dough, and you can make a wide assortment of colors. Boys can take it home after, or eat it at the banquet. Want the recipe?


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              Crystal balls using balloons with glitter glued on glued onto a base.

              1/2 large stryo ball painted blue with gold or silver wire star garland stuck in & curled around. You can also add some gold or silver pipe cleaners coiled into springy shapes or with foam or paper shapes glued onto them.

              Paper bag puppets made to look like "future" cubs. Decorate front & back of bag & display over cans on the tables.

              Small jelly canning jars with blue or gold construction paper wrapped around & a tea light inside. Cut star shapes in the construction paper.


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                Try googling "blue and gold decorations".

                Last year our bear den made "lanterns" for each table out of wax paper and popsicle sticks (painted blue and yellow). Take a sheet of wax paper, make 4 adjoining squares by glueing on the popsicle sticks, and when they're dry you can fold them into a box. Glue the 1st/last edges together and you're done. They're really easy and you can glue on cub symbols to the sides if you want. You could put votives inside but since we can't have live candles in the schools we hung little party favor sized flashlights inside each one from some fishing line. Worked great, kids had fun making them. Only downside is, you need time for the paint to dry before glueing, and the glue to dry before folding into boxes.

                Wolves weaved paper placemats. Tigers made "future cubs" with styrofoam, paint, and fabric.

                Have fun with it.



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                  Go to this website, and they have some great ideas. Just click the icon that says scouts. There are lots of ideas, they also sell the supplies, if you can not find them locally. Our den is doing the blue and gold friends center piece. I was able to print the pattern off the computer, and the boys just have to cut them out, and all we have left to do is add the balloons.