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YPT Training Hold-Outs

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  • YPT Training Hold-Outs

    My crew's charter is not ready to be approved because two adults haven't re-updated youth protection. Plenty of repeated E-mails, phone calls, etc ... and these are very nice, generally helpful adults who offer to do anything for me. Really, if I asked them for the world in a phone call, they'd leave it at my doorstep in a minute. I've probably accumulated more time in phone calls and e-mails than the hours it would have taken them to do this course.

    So at this point, what would you do? Delay turning in the charter until they complete YPT? Or, drop them from the roster? (For me dropping would be problematic because one adult is the CC.)

    This all would be so much easier if they would just cuss at me and tell me to go pound sand ...

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    As per usual around here, you'll get a sideways answer: your CC should be handling recharter anyway. Drop it off at his house and tell him to turn in in when it's completed.


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      Why isn't your CC completing the Charter?

      As CC of our unit, I feel your pain. Fortunately I didn't have any YPT hold-outs (they finished at the last minute), but I have several leaders that did not complete Job Specific training as "required" by Council. I was able to hit the Submit button anyway.

      Perhaps the CC has completed YPT but it doesn't show on Charter? It may be under a different BSA Member ID or they have created a second "secret" account that isn't linked to their Member ID.

      I know you don't want to hear it......Honestly, if your CC hasn't completed YPT and isn't completing the Charter, they aren't fully committed to the program and their position. Is there another adult ready to train and take the position?

      Or, contact Council, pick up a YPT DVD and your laptop and invite the fella out for a cup of coffee and surprise 'em with training.


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        This is what I've done. For the next committee meeting ... or the next time you see them ... make sure you have WiFi ... bring a laptop. As soon as they show up, pause for a moment and get them signed into If they have trouble signing in, get their password reset and get them connected to their email to get the password.

        If still can't get in or they don't show up, call their house, go visit and wait as they complete it. Their seeing you show up at their house will help them realize how important it is. Hopefully, they won't be such a pain two years from now.


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          call their house, go visit and wait as they complete it. Their seeing you show up at their house will help them realize how important it is. Hopefully, they won't be such a pain two years from now.

          I think f8033 has the answer that fits for me. Meetings haven't worked, so it's time to make house calls. It's also time spent away from the youth. What I should have done: arrange for youth to go caroling at each slacking adult's: "We wish you a Merry Christmas ... now do your YP!"

          Yes, I have issues with adults. And 2C has a point. This is somebody else's job. But we're dysfunctional that way.

          Most of my adults are pulling double shifts or holding down three jobs. (Kids in college, grandchildren to attend to, etc ...) Make's 'em scatterbrained in spite of their big hearts. I'm affected too, there's a month-overdue check for the soccer association on my breakfast nook. I guess I'll run it over tonight.


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            How about just saying, "the recharter deadline is here and we can't recharter until YOU take YPT. In order to keep the charter alive, I need you to take it ASAP and let me know so I can turn in the paperwork"?


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              Qwazse, I'm curious:
              Do you think this is adults bridling at useless national box re-checking,
              or just really busy people?

              Or a little of both.

              A possible third option: they may have renewed YPT and it's not showing up. I had to eMail a screen grab of the 'View Certificate' when I renewed this year.


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                JoeBob raised a good point. Our council copy of the national training data has been horribly hit and miss. They will have some, but not others. It's like national has a data feed to the council that runs nightly or weekly. And it fails now and then (i.e. read as September & October). So what I saw is training done in July or November is showing up right now. Training done on in Sep or Oct was not showing.

                Very frustrating. Hard to take the whole effort seriously when the data quality is so poor.


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                  I had similar issues, and had to have one come to my place and use my computer so I could watch what he was doing and sort it out. Not sure why he had trouble, as it only took a short time on my machine; but it may have been his using the wrong browser. I have had issues with Java and IE; it does not keep its update. So, since Chrome works for the training, but not the recharter, I used it.

                  The other one was an email change that no one seemed able to reattach to his number, so it would not let him do anything. He finally did a completely non attached training and printed the cert, which I attached to the charter.

                  We had one more glitch because of the delay, and had to get permission to sign the paperwork, with a contact number, for the minister, who had gone out of town after Christmas. I now have to go and get it to back up the "signed for", and also get the agreement signed, as the DE did not do it this year as he has done the past two.

                  My main concern was that the past two years I had one hold out who they still took payment for and left on the charter, even though he never completed it. It is simply on the bottom as incomplete. This year I dropped him directly, as I still could not get him to finish it (he is busy and hates computers too). But, with all the YP and related things in the news, one would think that non-completed names would drop automatically after say 90 days, and a refund of paid fees be made, so something to that effect.


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                    JB. A little bit of both ... the "once and done" mentality doesn't just apply to advancement. And it can get complicated. I'm behind re-certifying my BSA guard because of bad weather interruptions. I just haven't found time to commit to redoing those requirements, including updating my first aid and CPR. One thing slips, other things follow.

                    The interface isn't perfect, but the leaders who through it last week showed up on my unit training report as soon as they completed the course. I have adults who experienced the problems f8033 and skeptic mentioned.

                    I'd have no problem if someone said "found my certificate, can you swing by and get it?" Or, "I can't get this computer to work, help!" That's not what we have here.


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                      I would drop them from the Charter and make them re-do the whole process. It's 30 mins online. So flipping easy.


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                        YPT certs came in today, with all sorts of apologies. The very last said I deserved to yell at her, I told her I would never do that. Instead I have a more devious "punishment." She gets to be the next round's training czar!

                        Redo-ing the whole process is well and good, that's what our troop did, but that make's for one more adult application and a COR's signature to chase for each adult who decides they want back on the roster!


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                          Yay! Congrats!

                          So much easier when folks follow through.

                          Since Council has misplaced items.........I always print off two copies and ask the staffer at the desk to stamp it as received. A little overkill, but that's how I operate after they have lost several adult apps.


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                            My CC and I (CM) do the re-charter together. I handle the internet recharter portion and the CC handles the paperwork, YPT, and money that needs to be turned into council.

                            As CM, I may not be responsible for the re-charter but I am responsible to assist with it's successful completion. It's on my list of position responsibilities. Keep in mind, that many units have "less than active" CC's and completing the re-charter often falls to the SM or CM.

                            It is problematic if the CC is the one that needs YPT. In any other case, if a leader will not do their YPT in time, I would tell them they will have to be dropped from the re-charter and will need to fill out out another application to re-join the unit along with their YPT certification.