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  • Bugle

    OK, so I know that this subforum is geared more toward camping equipment, but I couldn't find a better place to ask this question, so...

    I'm looking for recommendations for a bugle for the Bugling Merit Badge and bugling in a troop in general. If anyone has any recommendations, they will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    The Getzen Field Trumpet is a nice horn,

    As to playing it, Jari Villaneuva is THE MAN when it comes to Bugling lots of great resources from this site.


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      Gonna hijack the thread a little

      In addition to where can you find a good bugle, what literature, both free online stuff and stuff I would need to buy, is out there to help teach bugling to someone, i.e. a 7 y.o. Wolf who got one as a birthday present?

      Yep Wolf son got an "experienced" bugle for his birthday, and now want to learn how to play it.

      I think I am in trouble.


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        Hey 92, do some asking around and find a skilled high school trumpet player to do some informal training. Since bugling is all done with your chops, your Wolf mostly needs some mentored development time. First chair trumpet in the high school band who is also a scout would be perfect.

        ARJ: An authentic bugle is a nice touch; just avoid the cheap junk being imported from India and China. A trumpet makes a fine substitute and might be easier to find.



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          Search this site for lots of good discussion about bugling.

          First thing I would recommend, does your school offer a band program? Learning the trumpet or cornet is a good intro to bugle!
          Actually, any brass instrument can complement bugle . or vice versa..
          I played Trombone before becoming Troop bugler (uncle's bugle. Family history!), and still play the occasional camporee or Woodbadge course.
          Go to the Scoutshop and pick up the bugling CD #AV-054CD, then he can have something to copy/model. The previously mentioned site is very good, too.
          Buzzing with just the mouthpiece is good practice to strengthen one's embrouchure. The usual bugle only has a range of 6 notes, 7 if your really good. You can play bugle without learning to read music, but the ability to read the charts makes one much more flexible. Pursue the band program if possible.
          If your Cubson shows real interest, replace the original bugle mouthpiece with a trumpet/cornet one. It is much more comfortable on the lip and the tone is better. A good silver Bach 12C is kinda expensive, but worth it if your boy is the least bit serious about playing bugle. Tie a string on it to prevent it's lose (mine is driven so tight in the bugle I'd have to heat the tube to extract it now!).

          A man is on his way to a concert at the Kennedy Center in DC. He stops a man on the sidewalk and asks," Hey, can you tell me how to get to the Kennedy Center Concert Hall?" the man shakes his finger at the questioner and proclaims, "PRACTICE! my son, PRACTICE!"

          Good luck!


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            Thanks for the advice folks. Will be looking at one or two of the scouts in the near future. He's homeschooled, so school band is out of the question.


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              Home school is no obstacle. Check with your other H/Sers and form a combo! Share in the cost of a tutor. Scoutson is H/Sed and is Troop Bugler. The main obstacle is the PRACTICING! Mostly he gets inspired when he sees/hears me warming up for the next Camporee. Even piano lessons will transfer to reading bugle staff. My problem initially was in the paper music. My trombone is bass clef, bugle is treble clef. But the basic theory is the same.

              "If bugling be the food of Scouting, play on..." or something...


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                Thanks to everyone for your great advice.



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                  (this is an insider's note!)

                  SSScout -- you might have a little trouble fitting a Bach 12C into either a trumpet or a bugle :-). Might want to consider something closer to a Bach 7C, right?

                  (who has been using an 11C, but not on a bugle, for many years)


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                    Well i am resurrecting this thread. i am cleaning out my closet and started looking at some of my old stuff in one of my boxes. In one of those boxes I found a BSA 's version of teh M.M.Cole 5 Minute Methods Self-Instructions Bugle cwith a renewed copyright of 1956.

                    I will be polishing my bugle shortly


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                      There's an old saying among brass players:

                      "There's them that polishes 'em, and them that plays 'em"




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                        Bought my son (Life Scout Trumpet player) a Centennial Bugle for Christmas from:


                        Lots of good tips on the site too.

                        He has played Colors and Taps for the Troop at a camporee and Round Table on Veterans day (I'm an ASM, Unit Comm and Veteran) a couples time on his Trumpet, and did a great job. He is in the School marching band.

                        The current Troop Bugler (only 2nd time we had one) is only marginally better than the last in both ability and motivation. Keith is awesome on his Trumpet and I hope decides to play the Bugle more often now.

                        Here's keeping my fingers crossed.(This message has been edited by dg98adams)


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                          Give me time, give me time. Gotta photocopy the pamphlet first.


                          Good luck and thanks for the links.


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                            Moving right along...
                            GKlose: I actually have a "WMFrank #13" in my bugle. But that is an antique. The Bach 10 or 12 C I have been told is an equivalent. They are listed on

                            There is a 12c Trumpet and a 12c Trombone mouthpiece. Yep, my Tbone cup would not fit in the bugle.
                            My recommendation is still: If the young boogler is semi-serious, get a nice, wider trumpet or cornet mouthpiece for him...


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                              Thanks -- in all my years of playing (I moved from a tbn 12C to an 11C years ago) I never knew there was overlap in the numbering.