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Boy Scout trailer questions

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  • Boy Scout trailer questions

    Our troop recently purchased a 6'X10' enclosed trailer for our gear and we want to have it decaled. I've seen other troops with a large Boy Scout eagle emblem(not Eagle Scout) on their trailers and was wondering if anyone knew a source to purchase those decals?

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    See BSA reflective sign at or your local scout shop. =&LV=3

    BSA makes an aluminum sign and a peel and stick decal in both small and large sizes.(This message has been edited by SemperParatus)


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      Local sign shops with computer controlled vinyl cutters can make up nice graphics pretty cheap. I've had several done for racing boats and are easy to apply. Just give them a disk with the image you want. Preferable one color.


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        This is very timely for me. I have been given the task of developing the graphics for our troop trailer as well. I appreciate the link to the Scout Shop for the Vinyl decal. But what I would really like is someone to point me in the right direction to get Hi Resolution art for the new BSA logo. The one with "Timeless Values" I have seen it on other trailers. Most that I can find on the web is low resolution.


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          contact BSA (in Texas) and request a camera ready copy or a email file your sign maker can tell you what works on his graphics program (if he does not have access to it already)...Many sign companies do this and then their computers cut the vinyl (single color, slick! If you are going the hand-painted route...more colors...more cost...perhaps longer life? Ours is vinyl and still looks good after five years.


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            I am also trying to get our trailer lettered, I have seen many trailers with the 'timeless values' logo so I assume it is available ready made just like the round BSA logo in the scout catalog. That one is available 17" for $14 and 29" for $20 it looks good but I like the timless value one better. If anyone knows where to get one let us know. Thanks


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              If you are not using the products purchased from National, & plan on having a sign company do your trailer logo, You should contact National for a list of allowed companies.

              National is starting to crack down on trademark infringement.


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                Here is alink to the Vinyl Decal they do sell at the site...



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                  Here is alink to the Vinyl Decal they do sell at the site...



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                    Here is a link to the curreny Vinyl Decal they sell...

                    Vinyl Decal
                    Item: 179VD



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                      You might get lucky and get the Decal Made for Free...Which would not violate the Copyright Law


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                        You might get lucky and get the Decal Made for Free...Which would not violate the Copyright Law


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                          You've stumbled into the sometimes complicated and often frustrating world of branding...

                          As jpstodwftexas states, there is a process that MAY not require fees if the decal is donated, but to stay in line with the law a WAIVER is required. Questions about unit use of logos and trademarks can be found here:

                          A current list of already licensed businesses can be found here:

                          More than you ever wanted to know about branding, including Font choices, how to build an effective sign and more, can be found here:

                          Current logos approved for use, and the phone number to request HD imagery for use, is here:

                          The trademarked listing, and the number to request using them, can be found here:

                          Of course, most units do not go through the steps of working through use of BSA imagery and just use them as they see fit. Many don't know there is a process for them to use and never think they may need to get a waiver to use the imagery in the first place. The waiver for one time use does work - as long as you don't need an answer immediately. I've had good success when I call the numbers; everyone's always been helpful and I've learned a lot in the process. I hope the above info helps you out as well.