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  1. art jrk

    Looking for advice for Board of Review

    As a spouse of a Learning Disabilities teacher for 18 years, can I offer some comments. First, being labeled LD means the child is of at least average intellegence. Otherwise they would be labeled Mentally Retarded (MR). Second, the father states that he has processing problems with verbal communication. Perhaps you can communicate in writing. Even in a BOR this can be done. Third, try talking to the childs Special Ed teacher for tips dealing directly with his needs. You may need the father's assistance to facilitate this due to privacy issues. Fourth, You mention the child's short attention span. It is common for LD kids to have some form of Attention Defecit Disorder. Patience is the key here. You already are addressing the distraction issues. As far as the physical disabilities, I can not offer anything. An LD child can be successful in Scouts. We just have to know how to present it to him in different ways, but this does not mean simplifying it.
  2. art jrk

    Loss of Charter

    Here is another option you may have. Our Pack and Troop both have the School PTA as the CO. We receive a lot of support from the School and the PTA, which many members have kids in scouts. Also the PTA is not held to the same constraints as the school would be.
  3. art jrk

    Trailer organization ideas

    When I joined our troop I was impressed with several aspects of the trailer. On one side they have those inexpensive plastic garage storage shelves fastened in. Along the back is an elevated built-in shelf with a lip to prevent items from rolling off. On the third side are two chains bolted horizontally. The links are used to attach bungie cords to secure items of various sizes. the trailer also has hooks and clips in various places to hold items like latern trees and such. Just like a good workbench, everything has its place. Now when a leader or scout needs to find something, they know exactly where to look. I have seen other trailers that do not have any types of shelving. They appear to be a dishovelled mess and supplies are very hard to find.
  4. art jrk

    Boy Scout trailer questions

    This is very timely for me. I have been given the task of developing the graphics for our troop trailer as well. I appreciate the link to the Scout Shop for the Vinyl decal. But what I would really like is someone to point me in the right direction to get Hi Resolution art for the new BSA logo. The one with "Timeless Values" I have seen it on other trailers. Most that I can find on the web is low resolution.