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"Thank You"s to all

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Thank you to my old scout leaders!


As a newbee to this forum, let me start by thanking my old scout leaders when I was a boy. They made all the difference.


Thank You to my parents and grandparents: who let me go on trips, get, wet, dirty, bug bitten, sun burned and tired.


Thank You to my old Scoutleaders: who set up a program that I can only now appreciate and admire. They made all the difference. The program they set up years ago produced a lot of good young men and more than their fair share of Eagles. Only now can I understand the time they put in all of us. They produced a crop of military academy grads, this former enlisted man, a professional scouter, and some decent parents.

They believed that boys could do almost anything given a chance and a little training: Even that 20 mile hike and whitewater canoeing.


Thank you to the old scoutmaster, who set me straight on my first summer camp. I can still smell his cherry pipe tobacco 30 plus years later.


Thank you to the adults, who gave 14 year old boy the map and let him lead the troop through a snow field in the Rockies.


Thank you to the scout camp, that gave this boy his first job anyway from home.


Thank you to the friends I made along the way. They helped get me through college and beyond.


Thank you to my wife: She lets me spend all my time with our sons in Cubs and Scouts.


(a 3rd generation scouter, trying to work on the 4th)


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Late post, sorry. Welcome to the forum CE, and good luck with the 4th generation.

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