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Leave No Trace and the PEAK Pack

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Has anyone used the PEAK Pack? It's sold by Leave No Trace's website and consists of seven different modules each one teaching LNT at the elementary level with games, etc. I'm looking for things to stock up our GS resource library that are modular, self-explanatory besides an initial intro, and useful in meetings, camping, and day camp settings.

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When I was a Cub leader, I applied for a grant (since the local REI said it was a good thing to do), and got the Peak Pack along with LNT cards and other stuff for free.


Check out http://www.lnt.org/programs/packing_with_PEAK.php for the info...not too bad a process and as I recall, I got the items pretty quickly. As I recall, my goal was to educate X number of Cub Scouts about LNT and then do a service project.



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