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G2SS and Program Features - Revisited

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Greetings Fellow Scouters,


This event was recently in the news. This was not a Scouting event, and the full circumstances are net yet completely clear.


From CNN...Campers: Boy who died refused food




During NLE, Troop Committee Challenge, Scout Leader Specific and Venturing Leader Specific, I often repeat the purpose and aims of Scouting, as well as the methods and programs. However, I let them know when it is my own inserts, i.e. Crew21_Adv~ism. I correlate BP's comments like "a game with a purpose", and I use "Educational Recreation"


I usually find that my fellow Scouters don't really need to learn how to camp. They usually attend with dynamic camping, cooking and survival skills. But they only need to learn the details of program helps and keeping youth in a safe camping environment. (returning every Scout to their parents with all their fingers and toes)


Here is my insert...

During training I usually state "my" purpose of the adult leaders, is to assist the youth leaders in providing a safe program. We need to study the G2SS and observe the health and welfare of our Scouts. While providing a challenging program that will provide rank advancement, merit badge opportunities, and personal growth.


Together, our safety record is pretty darn good, but it is not an absolute. Scouting as a recreation program does have its dangers; of course burns and cuts, serious falls during rock climbing, drownings at the waterfront, rifle range incidents, and car accidents during long camping trips.


Because of the Guide to Safe Scouting and Leadership Specifics, the accident rate is extremely low and the death rate is almost nil. Each major revision to the G2SS has been to express recent safety concerns identified by a serious injury accident report, if not worse. A well known evidence is the 2005 National Scout Jamboree.


I stress to my fellow Scouters during training, both words are important, Safe Program, Safe Program, Safe Program.


Without preaching to the choir (I know, its too late now). Please remind your fellow parents and leaders to review the G2SS and Troop Program Features; and delivery that safe program.


Thank you!


Scouting Forever and Venture On!


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The G2SS is mentioned in New Leader Essentials, and each position-specific course, as well as the outdoor training courses, emphasize the importance of conducting the program safely.


But those courses don't go over the G2SS in detail.


Back in 1998 (I think), BSA National released a Health & Safety training syllabus (part #19-100). I don't believe its been updated.


The syllabus relies heavily on the G2SS, but oddly enough, the "Health and Safety" booklet itself is never mentioned!

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