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"I do not want to keep the troop a small troop but I think it will be easier working with a small number of boys for the first couple of years."


Good idea. We started a new Troop last September (2007) with 6 Scouts, and we are now up to 12.


There is one fundamental principle for organizing: START SMALL.


The right way to start is not by getting all the eligible boys around to join, but by getting a few of the right ones. Start with a small number of the most respected boys. Get them enthusiastic about the Troop and Scouting, and have them round up a few more. You will find that the most successful Troop is the one which achieves success with a small group first, and then developes in size as success continues.


To run a successful Troop, the Patrol Method should be used from the start. Study it and implement it, one step at a time if necessary, but think Patrol Method and patrol identity in everything you do.


Good luck!

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I concur with BrentAllen. We started a troop one year ago (Nov 07) with 7 and now have 17. It was a lot easier with 7, but has been more rewarding with the larger group because we've had no choice but to force the boys to use the patrol method.


It's exciting to see the Scouts get more involved in the planning. They are very adventurous. We have a wilderness survival campout in Dec, a snow campout in Feb, and they voted to go to Boundary Waters next Aug.


Enjoy the ride.

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You lucky scoutmaster

With a "new" bunch of tenderfoot wannabees...

Take them on a day hike with a brown bag lunch.

Let them figure out the details of (whats a BB lunch, how to pack it and what else to bring -like rain gear etc)


Plot out a 10 mile RT hike just out of harms way but plenty of places to cavort in feilds and streams...


Obseve them csrefully and you will see the alphas and the epsilon minuses emerge...


Make no judgements just observe


Think about this and the developmemgt of a patrol and who the leaders should be....


Do this multiple times , try to linmit your "indoor stuff"


Do not go to summer camp this year

Instead do a 20 miler

(summer camps for the mos part will ruin your hard work buildng patrols...


and no camporees until they earn it as a funtional patrol or 2


Do your home work

Research Traditional scouting

Make friends with traditional scoutmasters and commisisoners in your council/district


some links






email if you need more direction











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