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Ok, I've done some research. Invision Powerboard costs $185.


With Scouter Terry's permission, we should have a pledge drive to raise the money.


Respond to this thread with your pledge. When we have enough to cover the costs, we all write a check to him.


I'll start....I pledge $20. $165 to go. What say you?

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Gern, I think your intentions are fine. I just see this as, how do I put it, as Terry's sandbox. I'd like to hear from him what he would like to do, if anything. This is his creation and he has a lot of personal investment in the site and the forums. I would feel better if I knew his thoughts on potential changes. I am always thankful for the gift he made to us and to scouting in the form of this forum. The last thing I want to do is to risk offence in some way by suggesting that his brain-child is flawed and needs some eugenic correction. ;)

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