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Thanks BW, with those references you sited and the knowledge that this is done regularly; I do not need anything else. Your guidance as to your requirements for the Patrol outing will help tremendously. Thanks again.




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I've been observing the thread from time to time. I've followed many great advice given here. Since my last post, we have taken the ASM out of our off-site patrol. These scouts are on their except for the last Tuesday of the month when they rendezvous with the main body and go through inspections, BOR, and Fellowship.


This past Tuesday, I went by the off-site Patrol (Dragons) HQ to drop off some paperwork. The Scouts were having a barbecue. I was even invited to stay but because of the Troop/Crew meeting that night I had to decline. This is our charter's model patrol.


I agree that Scouts should have earned their First Class Award but I also look at maturity.



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